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An Intermediate Course in Malayalam

An Intermediate Course in Malayalam
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Item Code: MZF237
Author: B. Syamala Kumari
Publisher: Central Institute Of Indian Languages, Mysore
Language: Malayalam
Edition: 2012
Pages: 178
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
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The Regional Language Centres of the Institute teach 13 major Indian languages to aid the meaningful implementation of the Three Language Formula throughout the country. They have prepared their own teaching materials for this purpose, taking into account the commonness between Indian languages and shared cultural experiences of Indian learners. The course, divided into three terms, has a package of learning materials including audio-visual materials, supplementary materials for different language skills and teaching aids, such as language games. The courses, running fourteen months is intensive with 54 hours of instruction every day. These materials have been used in the classroom for more than a decade and are modified on the basis of experience with different batches of teacher trainees.

The Intermediate course follows the Basic course and it covers a period of three months. It brings gradually more of the written language. This is to be used after the Intensive course material, already published.

Major changes are taking place in the theory and methodology of Second Language teaching. The emphasis has shifted from structure to communication. These changes go along with the shifts in linguistic theories and interests. While it is necessary to keep up these changes and do experiments to bring out new teaching materials, it is also necessary to maintain continuity of language teaching in the Regional Language Centres. The materials produced by the Institute have taken the good points in may theories and methods of language teaching and have tried to work out a synthesis whose success is evaluated more on the performance in the classroom, we have found this material performing well in our classrooms.

We will be happy to learn how this performs in other language teaching contexts. We will also be happy if this course contributes towards the development of a special sub-discipline of teaching of Indian languages as Second Language. The ultimate success of this course will be when it helps more Indians become bilingual in another language of this country.


This book, An Intermediate Course in Malayalam, is intended for the second language learners of Malayalam who would have success- fully completed the previous book An Intensive Course in Malayalam at some such similar Courses which enable the learners to achieve the mastery of the use of basic structures of Malayalam. As its predecessor, this book is also primarily meant for the second language learners of the Southern Regional Language Centre of the Central Institute of Indian Languages, avid is the prescribed text book for the second phase of the training programme, namely, the Intermediate Course which runs for 12 weeks, This book is administered after the learners’ successful completion of the Basic Course for which the primary material used is An Intensive Course in Malayalam. After this Intermediate Course, the learners in this stream would go on to | the next stage, namely, the Advanced Course. Thus, An Intermediate Course in Malayalam functions as a bridge between the Basic Course which has the primary emphasise on the spoken language and the Advanced Course which has its focus on the exposure to literary pieces and preparation of second language teachers.

The objectives of the Intermediate Course, for which this book is the prescribed text, are as follows:

At the end of the course the trainees will be able to

1. Converse with the teachers, fellow trainees and native speakers on a variety of topics which are not controlled with limited vocabulary.

2. Read with comprehension the materials presented in the standard written language. These materials include small story books, newspapers, selected prose and poetry pieces appearing in current magazines and weeklies.

3, (a) Write guided compositions.

(b) Write free compositions on a variety of topics in the form of descriptions, stories, biographical sketches, etc.

Of the above objectives, this book does not concentrate on the materials for objective No.1, to attain which other supplementary materials are used in the classroom., {n order to accomplish other two major objectives, this book present a combination of lessons written by the present author and a selection of writings by a few others from published sources. Both, the lessons written by the present author and the selections, have been so done as to present a variety of the complexities of linguistic structures and the content, Though there is no strict linguistic sublateral gradation adopted in writing oz selecting the pieces, there is a steady progression from lesson 1 to lesson 20 based on sentence complexity, length of the Sentences, familiarity of the content and style.

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