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An Introduction to the Poetry of Ghalib

An Introduction to the Poetry of Ghalib
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Item Code: IDF816
Author: Translated By: Sarvat Rahman
Publisher: Ghalib Institute
Language: English
Edition: 2003
Pages: 236
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.7" X 5.7"
About the Book:

This book is a companion volume to the Complete Translation of the Diwan-e-Ghalib by the same author. The Poetry of Ghalib is analysed by putting together verses scattered through the Diwan concerning different subjects and using various sufi symbols The philosophy, sen sinility and the world view of Ghalib are thus defined in a new way.

About the Author:

Daughter of a distinguished medical practitioner, the author was inculcated a love of Urdu and Persian poetry at an early age by both parents, especially her erudite mother. After graduation from lady herding Medical College New Delhi, she served for several years in the hospital of the alma mater and in Uttar Pradesh, before going to France for further medical studies. This led to a career there, in the State Medical Research Organization (INSERM). After retirement, she has returned to the old family home in dehradun. She attempts to further knowledge of Urdu, and its poetic sensibility, by translation of its classical poets into English as also French.


Preliminary Page
Key to Transcription of Urdu into Roman
Summary of the Introduction
.The Arabo-persian tradition of the ghazal in India
.Origins of Sufi Poetry
.The spread of Sufi ideas to the west
.The symbol of Sufi poetry
.Sufi symbols in Ghalib's ghazals
A.The first verse of the Diwan-e-Ghalib
B.The mirror and its associates
C.The Veil
D.The sun as a symbol
E.The Desert Wanderer
F.The Candle
H.The Water Drop and Ocean
I.The Rose
The Rose in its Garden
The philosophical Rose
The Cry of the Rose
The autuman Rose
J.Wine and the Tavern
K.The Spring(1)
The Spring(2)
The Spring(3)
The Wine Wave
Another Spring
LGhalib's Dalliance
.The portrait of the courtesan as drawn by Ghalib
.The Progress of Love
.The sentiments inspired by the courtesan
.The suffering of the lover
a. Sighs
b. The shedding of Tears
c.The jealousy of the Lover
.Vignettes of Courtesans
.The Listing Ghazals
M.Ghalib's Unhappiness
N.Ghalib and the Universe of Sound
O.Ghalib as an esthete, the importance of Hindu images on his poetry
P.Ghalib and Religion
Q.Ghalib and his Verse
Short List of Reference.

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