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The Jaina Way of Life

The Jaina Way of Life
Item Code: NAW293
Author: Anang Pradyumna Kumar
Publisher: Research Books, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 8185781893
Pages: 220
Other Details: 9.00 X 5.80 inch
weight of the book: 0.33 kg
About the Book

Dr. Anang Pradyumna Kr. is a renowned scholar and thinker of Jaina philosophy who is known to produce rare piece & of Jaina thought profoundly oriented in the light of new problems of modern human life. Presently 'the Jaina way of life' is a living example of author's deep acumenship and all-comprehensive speculative genius of his depth. He has highlighted in this work some very important features of Jaina ethics, they are, Jaina's bold and unequivocal assertion that what is preached in ideal form should be feasibly actualized in practice through a well-thought out syste-matic action-plan of dhamma code. Therefore Jaina's formulated the action-plan of ahinsa not limiting only upto human beings or at the most five sensed animals of human use, but it covered all the living beings, micro to macro cosmic of the universe. Likewise they have boldly asserted nudity as a peak-point of renunciation and non-possession. They have frankly institutionalized nudity as a religious cult, a singular rare step in the whole human history of the world. Jainas never felt shy to say boldly what is truth and accordingly practice it with utmost moral courage. Dr. Anang with the help of logical acumenship and psychological in sight has made the present work *Jaina way of life' most interesting and useful to the modern mind and living. It is a sort of a doze of shock-therapy for the ailing psyche of humanity.

About the Author

Dr. Anang, Pradyamna kumar is a celebrated writer of Jaina philosophy, a poet, novelist. dramalist. essayist of hindi literature originally hails from the rural subarb of Mainpuri (U.P.) now settled at Rudrapur (Uttranchal). He has so far published a dozen of standard books on different topics in hindi and English both and has contributed a series of reflective essays in different journals and magzines. The author has some important works in philosophy to his credit, viz :

1. The Jaina and Hindu Logic—a comparative study.

2. A critical and comparative study of Jaina Metaphysics.

3. Democratization of life.

4. The Jaina way of life.

5. Tirthankara jeevan Darshana (Hindi)

6. Naye Dharma ki Khoj (Hindi)

7. Mritya bodha (Hindi)

8. Tark-siddhanta paricaya (Hindi)

and so many others under prints. Dr. Anang is now leading a retired life fully devoted to reading and writing.

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