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Jataka Bharnam of Pandit Dhundiraj

Jataka Bharnam of Pandit Dhundiraj
Item Code: NAL482
Author: Girish Chand Sharma
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Edition: 1998
Pages: 832
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 1.1 kg

Jatak Bharnam is a detailed classic text on Vedic Astrology, which has been popular amongst the learned astrologers not only for its lucid language and well crafted aphorism but also for their application and usefulness. As a matter of fact it is a much respected work for practitioners even in far flung locations astrology has remained a family tradition. This is owing to the after careful study & interpretation one decipher the inner meaning in the horoscope.

Pandit Dhundiraj, the author has presented the classic in a very lucid & simple style so much so that the essential principles of interpreting the horoscopic charts, especially in terms of effects of fine time factors (namely, Samvatsar, Ayan, Ritu, month, Paksh) besides just the birth time (and its Panchang) conjunction and aspects of planets, various planetary combinations (yogas) and effects of lords of various houses as they are posited, conjunct or aspected.

Besides, the special influences of various Divisions of sing (Vargas), Transit, and Ashtakavarga, the text uniquely exposes the use of various chakras-Surya-Kalanal, Chandra-Kalanal, Shani-Chakra and Sarvatobhadra Chakra. Which are the greatest secrets of vedic astrology and tantra.

Female astrology does find a separate mention only to indicate that much further research is needed in this area befitting to dates special significant role being played by the women in the development process all over the world.

Remedial measures as suggested in this work would be of special interest to the practioners and readers as they do highlight some very interesting principles to get over the problems created by various affiliated planets. This is an area of further research and greater usefulness to society at large.

Continuing my optimism I feel the usefulness of the work giving a comprehensive range of predictive tools & principles would stand further enhanced by the necessary explaintary notes & illustrative examples and commentary so essential for the reader to decipher the inner meanings of the aphorism. Hence it is expected that the reader would definitely benifit out of it. As I say this, I am aware that some errors are bound to creep in. Hence I would solicit your help in improving the further edition by pointing out to us the improvements to be made.

As I close; I wish to thank Prof. D.P.S. Chauhan for his help in so many ways to improve the language of the book. I shall ever remain obliged. Mr. Harish Chand my student has helped me in preparaing the manuscript I must thank him for his able help. Besides Sh. S.P. khullar General Manager MTNL New Delhi has time and again made some very useful suggestions. I shall remain indebited to his generous help & support. How, I must hasten to thank Mr. Saurabh Sagar but for whose constant & dynamic enthusiasm this book would not have seen the light of the day.


1 The Beginning 2
2 The effects of Samvatsaras 9
3 The effects of Birth in the two ‘Ayanas’ 44
4 The effects of Birth in the Various Ritus (Seasons) 45
5 The effects of Birth in the Various Months 48
6 The effects of Birth on the Various ‘Tithis’ 55
7 The effects of Birth on the Various Days 61
8 The effects of Birth in the Various Nakshtras 64
9 The effects of Birth in the Various Navamshas 108
10 The effects of Birth in the Various Yogas 111
11 The effects of Birth in the Various ‘karanas’ 124
12 The effects of Birth in the Various ‘Ganas’ 132
13 The effects of Birth in the Various ‘Lagnas’ (Ascendants) 135
14 The orderly arrangement of the Nakshtras in the shape of a Child and its effects 156
15 The effects related to the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac 160
16 Evil Combinations of Birth 235
17 The effects of the Planets the Sun etc in the Various Houses 243
18 Aspects of the Planets 325
19 The effects when the Various Planets are situated in the Various Signs 426
20 The Circle of Saturn 502
21 The Circle which does good to one and all 505
22 The Surya kalanal Chakra 514
23 The Chandra kalanal Chakra 517
24 The effects when the Planets are in Transit 519
25 The Conjunction of two Planets 561
26 The Conjunction of three Planets 578
27 Rajyogas 604
28 The Marks of Rajyoga 624
29 The conditions which Destroy the rajyogas 627
30 The Combinations conferring greatness upon the native 633
31 The karaka Yogas 644
32 The Nabhasa Yogas 647
33 The effects of the Rays of the Planets 661
34 The Avasthas of the Planets 668
35 The strength of the Planets 671
36 The Yogas (Combinations) of the Sun 674
37 The Yogas (Combinations) of the Moon 676
38 Yogas causing the native to become an Ascetic 680
39 The Evil Combinations 684
40 The Evils which are Destroyed by the Moon 700
41 The Yogas which are Antidotes to Evils 704
42 The effects of the Dashas or Periods 711
43 The effects of the Dashas of the Planets 715
44 The effects of the special Dashas of Planets 756
45 The effects of the Antardashas 760
46 The chapter relating to alms given to pacify Planets 774
47 The Nashta Jataka System 777
48 Death Causing Combinations 786
49 The effects of the Moon being in the Various Signs and the Tithis when these effects go off the Moon and obtained by the native 796
50 The Women natives 811
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