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Kabir Amrit Vani (Nectareal Voice of Kabir)

Kabir Amrit Vani (Nectareal Voice of Kabir)
Item Code: NAZ012
Author: Abhilash Das
Publisher: Kabir Parakh Sansthan, Allahabad
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation, Notes and Introduction
Edition: 2015
Pages: 332
Other Details: 8.80 X 5.70 inch
weight of the book: 0.58 kg

The Bijak is the most authenticated and sacred scripture of the Kabirpanthis. Besides, the highly illuminated great master Kabir Saheb has spoken a large number of the Sakhis other than those depicted in the Bijak. Such Sakhis are compiled in the book entitled "Sakhi Granth".

A highly acknowledged scholar and an illustrious holy saint, Sadguru Shri Abhilash Sahebji has extracted some such Sakhis from the 'Sakhi Granth' as have directly or indirectly relation with the poems of the Perfect Master Kabir in the great Bijak. The revered Sadgurudevji has named such a collection as the 'Kabir Amrit Vani'.

The Sakhi is not merely a literary genre, but a privileged form of expression, a vehicle of wisdom, rather an evocation of the highest truth. Kabir is all over known essentially as a super composer of Sakhis. He is matchless in the field.

This unique composition of the Sakhis has been divided into various small chapters subjectwise, thereby infusing life in it and shaping it as a great treasure of philosophy touching every human aspect to make the life sublime. The 'Kabir Amrit Vani' has, therefore, become a quarry of spiritualism and a great work on the art of human behaviour.

A discreet reflection over the various subjects contained in this treatise make the reading very interesting and highly beneficial. Here, the chapters relating to the glory and grandeur of the preceptor and the saints enrich the spiritual life of a seeker; and those on the significance of association with the saints, devotion, selfless service etc., are all the props to make a seeker resolute on the path of spiritualism. The subjects relating to warning, death, 'sermons etc. contain such soothing Sakhis as can replete the mind with dispassion and lead to the conclusion that we have taken this transitory life of a dream to be the truth. The aspects relating to the mind, illusion, wealth and woman alarmingly warn the reader to be aware of the indefensible assaults of delusions, distractions and illusion.

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