Kayachikitsa (Medicine in Ayurveda)
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Kayachikitsa (Medicine in Ayurveda)

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Author: Dr. M. Rama Sundara Rao
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Edition: 2012
Pages: 1050
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23 years in business
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I am very grateful to all my readers for their affection on my books which were brought out by me during the past two decades.

So far you might have gone through our publications of 1) Sareera Rachana 2) Sareera Kriya 3) Padardha Vijnanam 4) Itihasam 5) Sanskrit and 6) Salya Tantra. We have been revising and improving the contents of the above books from edition to edition according to the changes in the syllabus stipulated by the C.C.I.M.(Central Council of Indian Medicine).

The present text ‘Kaya Chikitsa’ is written according to the latest syllabus. Thanks to the stalwarts who framed the present syllabus which enables the students to know about the latest developments that are taking place in Ayurvedic field.

Accordingly I have given the latest and ancient literature that is found in original Samhithas and modern Ayurvedic books like:

1. Siddhanta Nidana of Pt. Gananadha Sen.

2. Kaya Chikitsa of Acharya Rama Raksha Pathak.

3. Therapeutic indices of different Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals.

4. Emergency Medicine.

5. Infectious Diseases.

6. Rasa tantra Sar va Siddha Prayoga Sangrana.

7. Nidana Chikitsa Hastamalaka of Rana jit rai Desai.

8. Bhaishajyaratnavali of Sri Govinda das and several other ancient and modern medical books to prepare the students and practitioners to practise Ayurveda complimented by modern medicine.

Though Ayurveda is in no way inferior to any other medical science in the world one cannot deny the tremendous progress on modern system of medicine.

An Ayurvedic student should not only study the latest developments that are taking place in modern field, but also must be aware and cautious of his limitations and problems. Ayurveda has got its own special features which can challengingly prove its efficiency and superiority over the so called latest modern medicine. Its techniques like Massage, Navarakizhi, Sirovasti, Panchakarmas Siravya dhana, Kativasti, Leech application, Agni karma, Single Drug, wonder remedies, Kshara Sutra, Pitchavasti, Madhutai lakavasti, Antioxidants, Rasayana Vajeekarana are still catering the needs of suffering humanity. Only problem is neither the practitioners are practising nor the patient is aware of them. People have got wrong notion that Ayurvedic medicines are not as fast acting as Allopathic drugs. But it is not totally true. Ayurveda too has got hundreds of such remedies, but to bring them into market the circumstances at present are not in our favour because raw drugs like Opium, Bhang, Kasturi, Snake Venom, Ashta varga, Saffron, Sandalwood, Gorochana, Vamsa lochana, Bilejuices of wild animals, Navaratnas, Gugulu, Gold, Silver and other costly minerals, which are the main ingredients of fast acting Ayurvedic medicines are not feely and readily available in the market.

Urbanization and deforestation have become the major hazards for Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals to supply genuine herbal medicines. Anyhow let us be optimistic. A day will come again that we see the glory of Ayurveda again. With this hope only I have given the list of hundreds of medicines and medical treatments for every disease that is given in the syllabus. Please do not get disgusted and discouraged that it is not possible for you to read and remember all of them. I suggest you to read a few of them for your examination and read the remaining when you become a practitioner.

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