Kick Your Sugar Habit

Kick Your Sugar Habit

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Author: Dr. Sanjeev Gupta
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8122306950
Pages: 98
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.3" X 5.3"
23 years in business
23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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About the Book

The writing of this book was a sort of challenge for me. Many of us surely do not know about sugar and its role in our life. This book shall help readers in knowing if they are sugar addicts. Once established, they can have an insight into their sugar habits and thus develop urge to control the sugar intake. This book is designed to encourage you to take control of your life and regulate health, through some crucial data that have not been available to the general public before.

About the Author

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta did his doctorate in the field of Allergy & Immunology and studied fungal allergens prevalent in the atmosphere of Delhi. He currently works for a reputed Homoeopathic laboratory, and actively pursues his hobby of writing for medical journals. This is his second book by virtue of his personal experiences and acquired knowledge. His first book ' I Know What Causes Me Allergy' published by the same publisher has been widely appreciated by the readers.

Facts about Sugar9
Are You A Sugar Addict? (Test 1)10
Are You A Sugar Addict? (Test 2)11
Take on Your Sugar Habits12
Sweet? : It's all Sweet13
Steps to Control Sugar Cravings14
1Sugar: Is there A Problem?15
Where does the Sugar Go?16
Should I be Worried about Sugar in My Diet?16
What does Sugar Provide Us?17
Refined Sugar does not Contain Nutrients17
Normal Range of Sugar Consumption18
Sugar Craving: A Common Problem18
Where does Extra Sugar Come From?19
Sugar Intoxication20
2What are Sugars?21
What is Table Sugar?21
Different Forms of Sucrose (Table Sugar)22
Other Nutritive Sugar Sources24
Invert Sugar25
Cane vs. Beet Sugar: Is There a Difference?25
Source of White Sugar25
Function of Sugar in Foods26
Freezing Point Depression27
Non-Nutritive Sweeteners (Artificial Sugars)29
Low-calorie Sweeteners29
Natural Sweeteners33
3Sugar and Health34
Sugar and Immune System36
Sugar Affects the Neurotransmitters, thus, the Feelings36
Sugars and Dental Caries38
Sugar and Weight39
Obesity 39
Diabetes Mellitus40
Coronary Heart Disease40
Enzymes and Hormones Disturbance41
Sugar & Behaviour41
Eye Disorders42
Sugar Affects Your Heart and Circulation42
Sugar & Digestive System42
Glycemia and Glycosuria43
Fungal Infections45
4How To Manage Sugar Habit46
Identify Your Sugar Intakes46
Set Goals for Reducing or Eliminating Sugars 46
Break that Regular Intake Habit47
Prefer Vitamins with Sugar to Sugar Alone47
Take Diet Containing Complex Carbohydrates47
Avoid All Kinds of Hidden Sugars48
Rethink Post-Meal Desserts 49
Educate Your Tastebuds49
Skip Snacks50
Limit Your Drinks 50
Eat Proteins51
Diet and Exercise51
Avoid Temptation52
Divert Your Attention52
Do not Give Sweet to Children53
Try Supplements 53
Alternative Therapy for Control of
Sugar Eating Habits and Sugar Cravings58
5A Good Diet For Sugar Lovers61
Specific Vitamins and Minerals63
Vitamin B: Vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5, B-6, B,1265
Facts and Essential Fatty Acids67
Amino Acids69
Phytochemicals 70
Blue Green Algae72
Barley Green72
Bee Products72
Natural Suggestions73
Frequently Asked Questions75
Can I get rid of sugar eating habit?77
Vitamin / Mineral Therapy80
Herbal Therapy81
Exercise Therapy82
Glycaemic Index Of Food88
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