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Kriya Shareera (Made Easy)

Kriya Shareera (Made Easy)
Item Code: NAN711
Author: Dr. Nagaraj Kamath
Publisher: Chaukhambha Publications
Language: Sanskrit and English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789381608753
Pages: 121 (54 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 9.0 inch X 6.0 inch
weight of the book: 125 gms
About the Book

All topics are made concise & suitable for the reader during examination. The book is divided into four sections. 1st section comprises essentials shlokas regarding all the topics related to kriya sbareera. 2nd section consist of various tabulation and other representative techniques for the easy & better understanding of various topics related to ayurvedic part of kriya shareera. The 3rd section consists of List of references available regarding the topics related to ayurvedic concepts, so that it will help the students for cross referencing. 4th part consist mnemonics, schematic and diagrammatic representations for the easy understanding of modem physiological concepts.

About the Author

Dr. NAGARAJ KAMATH MD (Kriya Shareera). The author completed his under graduation from Shri Dbarmasthala Manjunatheshwara Ayurveda College and hospital, kuthpady, Udupi in the year 2012. He has won the Veerendra Hegdeji Patabhisheka Award and Jeevaka Award (Himalaya Drug Company) for the academic excellence. He completed his post graduation in department of Kriya Shareera, Shri DharmashtIala Manjunatheshwara Ayurveda College and hospital, Hassan in the year 2015. Presently working as Assistant Professor in the department of the Kriya Shareera, Kamataka Ayurveda Medical College Mangaluru. He has presented several papers in different National, International and state level seminars. He has more than 64 research and review article publications to his credit in various national, international journals. He is also the editorial board member of different International Ayurvedic Medical Journals. He has won Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records for the highest number (50) of publications in different fields of Ayurveda in the period of one year ten months. He has been felicitated by SDMCAH, Hassan for his continuous dedicated work in the field of Ayurveda. He is also author of the text book entitled "Essentials of Kriya shareera"


I am extremely happy to know that Dr.Nagaraj Kamath, has written a book on Kriya Shareera entitled "Kriya Shareera Made easy" covering almost all Ayurvedic and modern aspects concerned to kriya shareera subject.

He also has to his credit, more than 64 research and review articles publications to his credit in various national, international journals. The efforts made by the author are appreciable for giving simple solution in the form of this publication for the benefit of students for their examinations. At present very few books are available which are beneficial for the student during examination.

Since many of the institutions has post graduation studies in almost different streams of Ayurveda including Kriya shareera, teaching staff should strike a perfect balance between both Undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching in order to reach to all of the student fraternity. At the same time we require such books which serve for examination purpose for Undergraduates and 1st year Postgraduate of Kriya shareera.

Here is the text book which deals with UG syllabus and 1st PG syllabus points in concise, rational and logical manner. It makes the students easy to prepare for the examinations and write the exams in more effective manner since it is imbibed with the coding, mnemonic and representative techniques. This text book stands tall among the text books in the subject of Kriya Shareera especially for examination purpose.

I wish the writer a bright future in the field and anticipate more such contributions from him for the advantage of Ayurveda fraternitv


1 Shareera Kriya 1
2 Difference between Shaarira and sharira 1
3 Tridosha 1
4 Triguna 1
5 Loka-Purusha Samya 2
6 Pitta dosha 3
7 Kapha Dosha 4
8 Rasa Dhatu 5
9 Rakta dhatu 6
10 Mamsa dhatu 7
11 Medo Dhatu 7
12 Asthi Dhatu 8
13 Majja Dhatu 9
14 Shukra Dhatu 9
15 Ojas 11
16 Mutra 12
17 Purisha 12
18 Sweda 13
19 Srotus 13
20 Prakruthi 15
21 Vata prakruthi Charaka 16
22 Aahara 16
23 Agni 18
24 Avastha Paka 19
25 Kosta 19
26 Nidra 20
27 Swapna 21
28 Atma 21
29 Manas 22
30 Swasana prakriya 22
  Representative Section 23-36
  Reference section 37-42
  Topic Related to Modern Physiology  
1 Cell Physiology 43
2 Tissue Physiology 45
3 Respiratory system 54
4 Digestive System 57
5 Reproductive system 62
6 Urinary System 66
7 Cardiovascular system 68
8 Endocrine System 71
9 Nervous System 78
10 Diagrams 83

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