Laghu Jatakam: Varaha Mihira's Exposition of Profound Principles of Vedic Astrology

Laghu Jatakam: Varaha Mihira's Exposition of Profound Principles of Vedic Astrology

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Author: Dr. K.S. Charak
Publisher: Uma Publications
Language: (Text, Translation and Detailed Explanation)
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 8190100882
Pages: 198
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5" X 5.5"
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23 years in business
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Varaha Mihira is considered the greatest authority on Vedic astrology after the era of the sages like Parashara. He was born in Ujjain. His exact time is perhaps not known but he is strongly believed to have existed during the sixth century AD and to have embellished the court of the king Vikramaditya. His most popular works are the Brihat Jatakam and the Brihat Samhita. The Laghu Jatakam is a rather abridged version of the more detailed Jataka text.

Like the other works of Varaha Mihira, this small classic is also presented in the Arya Chhanda. This is a highly charming meter. The plan of the four quarters of each verse here is like this: of the odd quarters, i.e., the first and the third quarters, each consists of 12 letter units; of the even quarters, i.e., the second and the fourth, each comprises of 18 or 15 letter units, such that if quarter two is 18 letter units, then quarter four is 15 letter units, and vice versa.

The Laghu Jatakam is a highly useful work on Vedic astrology composed by a master of unparalleled astrological wisdom. Easy to comprehend and rich in substance. It is a classic that must be studied alike by the novice and the master.

There has been some demand on us by our esteemed readers to bring out this classic in a book form ever since we started serializing it in the bimonthly journal, the Vedic Astrology. I remain beholden to my friend Vinay Aditya for designing the cover for this book, and to Mr. Y S Rawat for helping us in various stages of its preparation.

About the Book

The Laghu Jatakam is a highly authentic work on Vedic astrology written by the celebrated master Varaha Mihira. It contains rich material for any serious practitioner of Vedic astrology. The special features of this book are as follows :

Introduction to signs and planets, and their strength.
Mutual planetary relationships, and physical and other attributes of planets.
Detailed description about matters pertaining to impregnation and childbirth.
Comprehensive treatment of the astrological principles governing Balarishta and Arishta-Bhanga.
Calculation of longevity.
Varaha Mihira's special dasha system.
A chapter on Ashtakavarga.
Special features of female horoscopes.
Miscellaneous matters like solar and lunar yogas, Raja-yogas, yogas giving rise to Samnyasa, matters pertaining to death, and the fate of the native after exit from this world.
One chapter on the method of constructing a horoscope when birth details are not known.
The book is profusely illustrated with horoscopic charts to elucidate its rich content.


1The Strength of Signs7
2On the Strength of Planets32
3Planetary Relationships42
4Morphology of Planets47
5On Impregnation51
6On Matters Related to Childbirth64
7On Balarishta74
8On the Cancellation of Balarishta84
9On Longevity94
10Planetary Periods and Sub-Periods105
11Chapter on Ashtakavarga115
13The Nabhasa Yogas154
14Female Horoscopy177
15Chapter on Death184
16The Lost Horoscopes189
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