Learn Gujarati in a Month (Concise, Precise, Simplified) (Indian Language Series)

Learn Gujarati in a Month (Concise, Precise, Simplified) (Indian Language Series)

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Author: Iswar Datt
Publisher: Readwell’s Publication
ISBN: 8187782013
Pages: 191
Cover: Paperback
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The Gujarati language has its roots in the languages of Indo Aryan family of languages like Hindi Sanskrit Urdu and Persian. Words in Gujarati language are freely borrowed form these languages but these are modified in many respects. Even the alphabet of Gujarati bear much resemblance with Devanagri alphabet. But the author of Readwell’s book Learn Gujarati in a month has chosen to teach this language through English because English is widely spoken and understand in India. Moreover those who know Hindi can learn this language easily but those who don’t know Hindi can easily but those who don’t know Hindi can easily pick up through English. The author has given some lessons in grammar so that the learners may be able to form the sentences on their own Gujarat is the native state of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and Gujarati his mother tongue. So it is matter of pride to learn this language.


The Gujarati language belongs to the Indo Aryan family of language and has words common with other languages of the group, Hindi, Sanskrit even Urdu and Persian words have been modified yet Gujarati does not make any attempt to conceal their identity. These can be easily discerned. People knowing Hindi are rather in a more advantageous position inasmuch as the Gujarati alphabets are in most parts similar to the Devanagri alphabets. Even where they have been modified in Gujarati the basic structure is that of the Hindi alphabets.

In spite of this closeness with Hindi we have chosen to teach Gujarati through the medium of a foreign language English. The reason is that English by accident of history has acquired the place of a link language in India howsoever we may continue to shut our eyes to this fact of life. The English language has made such a deep dent in our national life that it alone binds the urban north with the urban south for which this book is meant.

There are author who choose to teach a language through the medium of translation. Their method is to compile a few hundred sentences generally spoken on various occasions categories them and present them to the learner in the fond belief that he needs to learn only this much. The grammar aspect of the language is ignored. To our view this method is inadequate. The learner cannot form sentences of his own because of the lack of knowledge of the rudiments of grammar. We have therefore chosen to teach grammar also so that the learner catches the language at the grassroots level and acquires self confidence.

Although great care has been taken to prepare this book yet there may be shortcomings in it. We are open to valuable suggestions and constructive criticism in our firm belief that we provide the maximum benefit to the learner.


1Alphabets Vowels 12
2 Alphabets Consonants
More Light on Pronunciation
3 Barakhadi 22
4 Conjunct Consonants 29
5 Word Building 39
6 Sentences Building 42
7 Grammar Pronoun
Kinds of Pronoun
8 Noun 56
9 Adjective 60
10 Verbs 67
11 Tenses
Verbs Further Divided
12 Cases 86
13 Adverb 101
14 Preposition 105
15 Conjunction 110
16 Interjections 113
17 Interrogatory Sentences 114
18 Imperatives 120
19 Gender 121
20 Number 130
21 Vocabulary Parts of body
Seasons and weather (136)
Time (137) family relations
(138) Birds (140) Colors
(141) Professions (141)
Animal (143) Fruits and
Vegetables (144) Households
(146) Metals 148
22 Conversation with friend 149
23 Conversation At School152
24 Conversation at doctor’s 156
25 Conversation in the market 160
26 Conversation at the office 163
27 Conversation about the clock 165
28 Conversation about the house 168
29 Translation 170
30 Proverbs 173
Vocabulary II 177
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