Learn Malayalam in a Month (Concise, Precise, Simplified) (Indian Language Series

Learn Malayalam in a Month (Concise, Precise, Simplified) (Indian Language Series

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Author: Mukund Nair
Publisher: Readwell’s Publication
Language: English
ISBN: 9788187782063
Pages: 175
Cover: Paperback
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Malayalam is the state language of Kerala which is listed among the world’s fifty greatest places of a lifetime in a national geographic society publication. Kochi (Cochin) the major port of Kerala is called the queen of the Arabian Sea kalady is the birthplace of Shankaracharya. The pantomime dance drama kathakali performed by men the dance of the enchantress Mohiniyattam performed by the women and Thullal the sole dance exposition are the well known dance forms of Kerala.

Would we not like to visit this beautiful state? A visit to Kerala without knowing Malayalam would be unrewarding non informative and a dull affair.

With Readwell’s book learn Malayalam with ease and within a brief period. It is primarily written for the beginners. Knowing alphabet learning words and their pronunciation sentences construction and their rules are what a beginner needs. This books is an easy and quick method of learning to speak and learning to write Malayalam.



South Indian languages have great literary value. People of the north and other regions are deprived of the privilege to cull out the literary beauties of these languages because they can neither read nor write in these language, Moreover when people go to south they fail to understand their languages.

The book in you hand will help you to prepare yourself for a pleasant trip to south India. The book contains everything that will help the beginner to learn the language alphabet their pronunciation words and their pronunciation sentences construction and familiar proverbs and phrases. The book is a guide for speaking and writing.




  Preface 3
  Alphabets How to Write 7
  Introduction 12
1 Alphabet
Vowels; Consonants
(With Pronunciation)
2 Malayalam Alphabet
Vowels, Consonants, Symbols to Vowels,
Some important Vowels some easy letters
and simple words formed by them vowels
added to consonants
3 Conjunct consonants 60
4 World Building 65
5 Number 69
6 Nouns
Geographcal, Vegetables, Edibles Numbers,
Days Months Places, Time Weekdays
Parts of body, relations, animals House
Commercial, Educational Pronouns
7 Verbs
Transitive and Intransitive verbs
8 Gender 99
9 Tenses
Present tense, past tense, future tense
10 Adjective 105
11 Negatives 106
12 Pronoun
First Person, Second Person, Third Person
13 Adverb 114
14 Prepositions and conjunctions 116
15 Imperatives 124
16 Cases
Sentences as examples
the meaning of cases
17 Sentences Building 131
18 Proverbs 138
19 Conversation 143
20 Translation 155
21 Letter writing 173
22 Vocabulary 174

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