Learn Punjabi in 30 Days (Romanized)

Learn Punjabi in 30 Days (Romanized)

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Author: N. S. R. Ganathe
Publisher: Balaji Publications Chennai
Edition: 2005
Pages: 160
Cover: Paperback
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Author's Preface

Punjabi, the language of Sikhs, is a language of our great India and Pakistan. It is spoken in the state of Punjab of India and in the east of Punjab of Pakistan.

Punjabi is written in Gurumukhi script. It had been introduced by Guru Angad Dav of Sikhs in sixteenth century. Before that the script of Landa was used.

Punjabi is a simplified language. The words are very simple without Conjunct Consonants, More Vowels are used in words e.g. school> sachool, stree> istaree; Pyaaraa > Piaaraa.

The present book has been prepared with a view of meeting the requirement of all who wish to study Punjabi systematically. The rules of grammar has been given in a very simple form and in proper sequence.

This book has been divided into five parts. In the first part the alphabet set out and the pronunciation explained, while a few reading exercises are added with key transliteration.

The second part deals with some classified vocabularies with their transliteration and meaning.

In the third part some simple sentences are given.

The fourth part deals with grammar. The method adopted here is very simple and intelligible.

The fifth part deals with some useful proverbs, simple letters, conversations and small and intelligible.

The fifth part deals with some useful proverbs, simple letters, conversations and small stories.

Lastly I feel that it is my duty to record here my grateful thanks to the publishers for having giving me an opportunity to write this book and all of whom devoted great care to the making of this book.




FIRST PART (Alphabet & Pronunciation)  
Alphabet 1
Pronunciation of some consonants 2
A Few Simple Words 4
Vowel 5
Vowel Signs 6
Semi - Vowels 11
Other Consonants 12
Conjuncts 13
Pronoun 17
Verbs 18
Directions 20
Nature 21
Names of the days 22
Months 23
Time 24
Parts of the body 26
Relationship 28
Places 30
Metals 32
House 33
Edible 36
Animals 40
Birds 41
Colours 42
Number 43
Clothes 47
Occupation 48
Education 50
Agriculture 52
Feeling 53
Adjective 54
Magazine 56
Disease 58
Industry 60
Preposition 61
Interrogatives 62
Useful Words 63
THIRD PART (sentences)  
Sentences of Two Words 65
Sentences of Three Words 67
Sentences of Four Words 69
Interrogative Sentences 71
Imperative 73
India 75
House 77
Student 79
FOURTH PART (Grammar)  
Gender 81
Number 83
Imperative 84
Auxiliary Verbs 85
Present Tense 87
Case 89
Adjective 104
Continuous Tenses 106
Future Tense 107
Past Tense - Intransitive Verb 109
Past Tense - Transitive Verb 111
Past Conjunctive & Status Tense 113
Perfect Tenses 115
Doubtful Tenses 116
Compound Verb 117
Infinitive Verb 118
Preposition 119
Voice 120
Proverbs 121
Letters 122
Conversations 133
Stories 150
Bhajan of Guru Nanak Dev 160
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