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Lexicon of an Infinite Mind: A Dictionary of Words and Terms in Savitri (Set of 2 Books)

Lexicon of an Infinite Mind: A Dictionary of Words and Terms in Savitri (Set of 2 Books)
Item Code: NAV752
Author: Richard Eggenberger (Narad) and Helen Eggenberger
Publisher: Savitri Foundation
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: Book 1-9789382547426
Book 2- 9789382547914
Pages: 658
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.71 kg
About The Books


We are aware that much of Savitri is incomprehensible to the mind without an inner illumination or understanding from the planes above the mind, and challenges transcription in a lexicographic sense. Sri Aurobindo, has expanded the English language as no one has done since Shakespeare, coined new words, employed words in unique and far wider senses, utilized and often anglicised foreign terms and widened the language by conveying visions and experiences that are beyond words. In fact, he has written Savitri from planes far above the mind and described with a clarity and precison worlds upon worlds as no poet has done in all the poetic compositions of the ages.

The Lexicon is a humble attempt to assist readers of Snail in understanding some of the words and terms, many explained by Sri Aurobindo and Mother.

Take Savitri into your heart, let it penetrate the depths of your soul, live Savitri and grow within through its maniac power and beauty.


To begin to understand Savitri one needs the inward turn, a quieting of the mind and an opening and receptivity to mantric poetry wherein the power of the Word is made manifest. Mentally one cannot comprehend that which comes from planes far above the mind and should not even make an attempt. With patience and love the inner knowledge that may now seem arcane will dawn. If Savitri is approached with humility the soul will realize that which is seemingly unintelligible.

This book is an aid to the deeper understanding of the many words and terms in various languages including references from the Vedas and the Upanishads. In the poem we learn of the two-in-one, the dual Avatars, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, who have come to this world to uplift and transform mankind establishing a new transforming force on earth. the Supermind. It also opens us to the consciousness-force of the Divine, the Mother, who in the poem as Savitri, descends here to conquer death by love and establish on earth the Life Divine.

If you will begin to read Savitri, aloud whenever possible, to dwell in its transcendent music and rhythms, not attempting at all to fathom its mantric lines with the limited mental consciousness, a new world will open before you and long before you have completed reading the poem your life will be changed. This I have personally experienced and the Supplement to the Lexicon of an Infinite Mind is my offering to those who aspire to grow in consciousness through a love of Savitri. In all the poetic accomplishments of man, however high, there is nothing to compare with this epic of nearly 24,000 lines.

It has indeed been a labour of love and a supreme blessing to receive the replies to my many questions concerning words and terms from those who have an opening to the higher planes and have chosen Savitri as their sadhana and their path to realization and transformation.

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