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The Life and Philosophy of Kabir

The Life and Philosophy of Kabir
Item Code: NAY991
Author: Abhilash Das
Publisher: Kabir Parakh Sansthan, Allahabad
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788184221787
Pages: 116
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.14 kg
About the Book

Kabir is the light-pillar of the human advancement, he was brought up in a poor weaver-family, as such he did not have sufficient resources of the basic education, but had divine vision. He had perceived truth with his keen intellect and had practised the same in his life.

Kabir accepted the thorny path of the truth. Whatever he was doing and saying, that was the ultimate truth, as such he did not require any crutch of any God or scripture-proof. The truth is self-proof. Who persues the path of the truth, he does not necessarily have to wait for the followers. The persuer of the path of the truth has nothing to lose. He constantly succeeds in his mission.

Those who are the cowardice and go on saying that what to do we were not born in prosperous family, we had no opportunity for learning, we did not have well wishers, we did not get chance otherwise we too would have progressed. Such persons should look up to Kabir that as to what chance he availed from the society, but he did not wait for chance. He set his course all alone and then the entire populace followed him.


Among the Indian saint-poets, as greatly has been written and is being written on good preceptor Kabir, perhaps that much has not been written on any other saint-poets. The reason for this is Kabir's impartiality, style of portrayal as what's what and exposition of the grave mysterious knots by citing easy-natural comparisons. Where other saint-poets, while portraying humanity and eternal truth remained associated with some traditions with crutch of religious book, Ishvar-incarnation, prophet etc. there Kabir having detached himself from all traditions and accepting the last truth of all, was portraying "surmons without partiality, favourable to all" and that too all alone without any fear at the cross-road in the open market. His integrity and impartiality made his personality magnanimously so attractive and fascinating that one who approached him became his and remained there.

Kabir is such a supreme saint who grasps not only Indian tradition but also the main fountain of the world humanity and wishes to carry us all there, where after reaching, all difference consisting in caste, class, tenet-path become purposeless and flowing wherefrom the stream of pure, affectionate and cool love drenches all. After submerging into the pure stream of love assimilating the entire humanity, truthful Kabir stands at such a crossroad where all paths converge. This will not be an exaggeration to say–the essence of entire humanity is permeating in Kabir. "Kabir is the first Indian who fearlessly preached the common religion for the entire human race" (Pandit Sunderlal). Being pleased on this very greatness, Dr. Hazari Prasad Dwivedi writes "Feet of all in the foot of elephant". Therefore the portrayal of Firaq Gorakhpuri is absolutely true-"Kabir's discourse is the dream of forthcoming Hindustan where there will be renunciation of the worldly affairs and the world; pleasant conglomeration of metaphysical and spiritual life".

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