Light on Sant Mat

Light on Sant Mat

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Author: Maharaj Charan Singh
Publisher: Radha Soami Satsang Beas
Edition: 1997
ISBN: 9788182561403
Pages: 384
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.9 Inch X 5.7 Inch

Light on Sant Mat as its name would imply deals with the basic concept of the Radha Soami faith popularly known as Sant Mat and its various aspects. The teachings are presented in the form of discourses by maharaja charan Singh ji the present satguru at Beas and by means of letters addressed by him to different persons. With his permission these discourses and letters have now been compiled for the benefit of seekers and satsangis. The book is divided into two parts.

Part one contains a condensed translation into English of discourses (satsangs) delivered by Maharaj Ji in Punjabi. The original shabds or hymns of the respective Saints have also been rendered into English verse for the benefit of the readers.

Professor Jagmohan Lal and Janak Raj Puri and Diwan Daryai Lal retired judge taken great pains in collecting these discourses and putting them into their present form and language. The society is highly indebted these satsangis brothers for their labor of love.

Part two contains excerpts of letters concerning Sant Mat written by Maharaj Charan Singh Ji in reply to satsangis seekers from abroad personal matters discussed in some of these letters have been deleted by him as he took care to ensure that only subject matter dealing with Sant Mat and of interest to all readers should appear in these letters.

Miss Louise Hilger a satsangi from the United states of America is solely responsibly for typing and compiling the manuscript and giving it he shape of a book a laborious task but carried our willingly during her periodical visit to the colony last winter. We are grateful to her for giving the book its present shape.

It is hoped that light on Sant Mat will be read with interest and profit by persons interested in spiritual science including seekers and satsangi brothers and sisters in India and abroad.


Part One
Discourses on the teachings of the Saints
1Teachings of the Saints 3
2Harken Surat!
by Swami ji
3How shall I meet the lord O master?
By Guru Arjun Dev
4Behold all the world is going adrift!
by Swami ji
5Moments after moment the mind wanders
By guru ram Das
6Cleanse the heart’s chamber
for the Beloved to come
by Tulsi Sahib
7In Clear words the master explains
by Swami ji
8Attune Yourself to Ram the Immanent power
by guru Ram Das
9Forsake this domain of pleasure and pain
by swami ji
10An inverted well is there above
by paltu sahib
11Our soul is in God is in the soul
by guru nanak
12Love alone counts in the court of the lord
by paltu sahib
Part Two
Excerpts form letters in reply
to seekers and disciples 1952-1958
Glossary 363
List of Local addresses 377
Books on this science 383
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