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The Living Spirituality (An Old and Rare Book)

The Living Spirituality (An Old and Rare Book)
Item Code: NAT847
Author: Sundari and Alberto Cousino
Publisher: La Spiritualite Vivante, France
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 1963
Pages: 101
Other Details: 7.00 X 5.50 inch
Message to my Indian Brothers

We are at a turning point of humanity's his-tory where human beings, individually and collectively, feel the awakening of their heart and consciousness. They understand that book learning is not able to resolve the conflict between Good and Evil, between Material and Spiritual World and that only individual reform freely consented to, will bring collective reform.

They also understand that a country be-comes "great" not by the number of its inhabi-tants and the quantity of his guns, but by the quality of human's heart and by spiritual eleva-tion. Thus, they begin to turn themselves resolu-tely toward the essential values of life, i.e., heart and spirit.

It is offered to India to realize the first in the East, this Ideal of life, at the time where so many nations, by their varied ideologies and beliefs, set the individuals one against the other, each of them being convinced of its superi-ority.

It is by levelling the hearts, directed toward spiritual values, the only ones which are ever-lasting, that men find again Peace and Joy of life. But the search of these values is vain and fruitless if it is not united with an eager desire to perfect oneself and to develop love for all men.

After centuries of spiritual teachings given and received by men of all races and colours, the lack of results show the vanity of their pur-suit due to their want of faithfulness and sub-mission to God's laws of Love and Wisdom which, if they are not obeyed, are the cause of a third law, the law of equivalence, for always and everywhere, sooner or later, we ripe as we have sown.

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