Maharana Pratap (The Symbol of Pride and Honour who fought to the last for his dignity and freedom)

Maharana Pratap (The Symbol of Pride and Honour who fought to the last for his dignity and freedom)

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Author: IGEN B.
Publisher: Manoj Publications, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788181339942
Pages: 96 (14 B/W Illustration)
Cover: Paperback
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Maharana Pratap is the brightest symbol of pride and honour. A warrior king he was who fought to the last to safeguard his dignity and freedom. He deservingly became an icon of Rajput valour.

For freedom he waged such heroic battles that the valleys of Mewar hills of Rajasthan still reverberate with the echoes of the hoof sounds of his legendary house 'Chetak'. The air still carrier the shimmer of his flashing sword.

All his life he battled against the mighty Mogul empire based in Delhi and Agra that always threatened to swallow the native spirit of freedom. He refused to be cowed down even against heavy odds. Emperor Akbar tried every trick and treat to buy the honour of Maharana Pratap but failed against the indomitable spirit of the proud Rajput king.

The ordeals he went through to defend his pride makes a hair raising story. He roamed the forests like a fugitive, took shelter in caves, went hungry, saw his children eat grassbread and his queen suffer the life of a tribal woman. He refused to make any compromises.

His bravery in the battle field is a shining example of the commitment to the principles and the spirit of sacrifice for one's self-respect.

The Story of Maharana Pratap's life is an inspiration for every idealist.




Panna Dai Legend   5
Birth of Rana Pratap   6  
Battle of Chittaur   8
Udaipur Founded   9
Queen's Gambit   14
Jagmal Crowned   17
Pratap is Maharana   27
Shakti Singh Episode   30
Shift to Kumbhalgarh   35
Akbar Bags Shakti Singh   39
War Preparations   41
Man Singh Offended   44
Battle of Haldighati   52
Repentent Shakti   61
Rana Pratap's Ordeal   68
Prithviraj Episode   75
Revival   79


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