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Man Science and Environment

Man Science and Environment
Item Code: NAT161
Author: A.S Thakur
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 1994
ISBN: 8171980635
Pages: 86
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About the Book

The book titled, Man, Science and Environment gives an account of how man originated, and what conceptions various societies have had about the model of man. It also examines the interaction of man with the scientific enterprise, the technology and the environment. The point made is that there is a close relation-ship between man, science and environment. The book is of general interest to readers, but it can also be used as a text book in universities which have courses in the areas examined in it.

About the Author

Professor A.S. Thakur was educated in India, England and Nigeria. He has written many books, published by leading publishers like National Publishing House, New Delhi and Macmillan, London. He has had a long experience of teaching in India and Africa. At present, he is the Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria.


Since his evolution as modern human being, man has been examining himself in relation to other men, animate and inanimate environments, and the mysteries of the world. In his search for meaning in life, man has made use of religion, philosophy and science, sometimes, without making any distinction between them.

Man has experienced and discovered that without faith in a Supreme Being, he cannot relate himself fully to the cosmos; he, thus, follows the religion. He has further realized that his faith in religion requires reason to support it; he, then, enters into the realm of philosophy, which lends rational element to his faith.

The physical world around him challenges man to explore and use it; he, therefore, engages himself in the scientific enterprise. As is well known, the practice of science has affected the environment -positively as well as negatively. In the book titled, "Man, Science and Environment", Professor Thakur has presented the various models of man and examined science for its impact on man and his environment. The issues relating to the environment are being seriously taken up by environmentalists all over the world. The book is of general interest to all those interested in a succinct account of man, science and environment.


The book titled, Man, Science and Environment, in its chapter 1, introduces readers to the evolution of man from his ape-like stage to the present stage as Homo sapiens. Various societies have cherished a model of man. Such models are presented from philosophical, psychological and religious points of view. Chapter 2 discusses the philosophy of science the movements of scientific thought, technology, development, limitations of science and the growth of new consciousness in science.

Man's use and misuse of environment is the subject of chapter 3. Various issues relating to the environment are examined critically. It is concluded that there is a close relationship between man, science and environment. Man should, however, Endeavour to use science in the service of mankind and keep the environment clean for healthy living. Leading features of the Earth Summit at Rio and reviews on it highlight man's predicament in which reconciliation is called for between Nature's gifts and man's contributions to culture and civilization.

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