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Marvels of Nature

Marvels of Nature
Item Code: NAV564
Author: Savita Ravindra
Publisher: Children Book, Trust
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 9788170119623
Pages: 88 (Throughout Colored Illustrations)
Other Details: 10.00 X 7.00 inch

Nature’s bounty is boundless. If you try to list the millions of things all around you, there will be no end to it. Everything in nature is a marvel in itself. Even the simplest things which you take for granted are not really simple. For example, you have seen colourful, pretty flowers and enjoyed the sweetness of various fruits. And imagine, it is the soil that helps the plants create such riot of colours and variety of tastes!

There is scientific explanation involving genes and chromosomes behind the evolution of every living thing. Yet, the sight of a green-covered, red- fleshed watermelon or a fragrant bright rose growing makes you think. These are just a few examples of the fascinating variety that nature offers.

There are thousands of other things in nature’s treasure trove, which are absolutely different from what you come across in your daily life. Have you ever heard of an entire range of high hills smoking fumes in the air for years, together? Or about a city in England having received ‘frog rain’? Or of a reptile that can actually walk on water?

There are many such unusual facts about your natural surroundings, which, when brought to light, surprise you and trigger your curiosity to know more. For instance, even a child knows about an elephant, but how many of you know that an elephant’s trunk comprises of more than forty thousand muscles?

Such intriguing facts make the study of nature interesting.

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