The Miracle Engineer (A Young Boy's Day to Day Miraculous Experience With God)
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The Miracle Engineer (A Young Boy's Day to Day Miraculous Experience With God)

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Item Code: NAT219
Author: Sachin Thobde
Publisher: New Age Books
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 9788178222745
Pages: 64
Other Details 7.00 X 5.00 inch
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About the Book

THE MIRACLE ENGINEER God wills us to have everything. As we express life, we fulfill God's law of abundance. There is nothing else in the world but God's grace. We walk upon it, we breathe it, we live and die by it. All we need to do is to begin to see beauty in our own life and in those around us.

If you want a simple way to approach God then just say, "God send some miracles today," "God at this moment I need a miracle," 'God in this matter only your miracle can help me" and then see how Grace descends and fills your heart with celestial love. Welcome back to life!

This book presents the personal experiences of a young boy with God-The Miracle Engineer. Written straight from the heart, this endearing book will open your soul to the glory of God.

About the Author

SACH1N THOBDE, 19, lives in Mumbai, India and is studying in Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics.


Jesus Miracles happen every single day. Yes, they do. The Miracle Engineer, our Best buddy God is aware of every single thought in us. And as we speak our heart out to Him, He shows up. Even if you don't He still is around us. Said, unsaid prayers, spoken, unspoken wishes and requests are all granted to us. You think about a thing you want and all of a sudden it appears before you, you don't have to go towards it, put any effort to get it, it itself comes towards you. This all is true because of God's immense, endless and unconditional love. We receive all the miracles and receive his blessings every single day. Absolutely no coincidences.

Which miracle machine keeps working, I don't know. I guess it is called 'Celestial $weetheart. ' Yes sweetheart of God and angels and all of us. His beloved children and all of this again belong to `Celestial Sweetheart Co. United.' In other words this Kingdom of God is liable for doing all the good things, miracles, blessings, supreme benedictions and for our joyful, peaceful, beautiful and wonderful life. How does God read out every single thought, may be because as we speak our heart out to Him the SMS's are directly sent to God and Angels, from your heart to the heart of God and Angels, heart to heart, absolutely no networking problems and as soon as they receive the SMS's (short messages sent), they send their SMS's (sweet messages sanctioned). Sometimes they'd put you on hold for sometime but there is nothing to worry as hold on simply means "You are worth it but we have worthier plans for you."

"How" a miracle happens is again a miracle from the Miracle Engineer. Just have faith, faith is not just a word or a thought, faith means "God is at work." However, when we don't have faith, it doesn't mean God is not at work but His work is doubled. Firstly, He will have to free our mind, but don't worry, ever freeing our mind will also be done by way of miracles and blessings. So you just have faith, trust, patience and obey the word of God and enjoy all the miracles, blessings from God for us all and our loved ones every single day.

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