The Mother and The Integral Yoga (Letters of Sri Aurobindo)
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The Mother and The Integral Yoga (Letters of Sri Aurobindo)

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Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9788170586951
Pages: 140
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 7.5 inch X 5.0 inch
Weight 130 gm
About the Book

This compilation of Sri Aurobindo’s letters deals primarily with the role of the Divine Mother in the practice of the Integral Yoga. In these letters Sri Aurobindo explains who the Mothers is and how one can open oneself to her help Surrender to the Mother; true relation with her help in difficulties; her Presence, Light and force; her as part of one’s sadhana; receiving her help in difficulties; her Presence, light and Force; her human embodiment- these are some of the subjects Sri Aurobindo discusses in these letters. He wrote most of them in the 1930s to discusses in these letters. He wrote most of them in the 1930s to disciples living in his Ashram in Pondicherry.


  Introduction Who Is The Mother 1
  Three Ways of Being of the Mother 2
  The Transcendent Mother 3
  The Universal Mother 4
  The Individual Mother 4
1 The Embodied Mother 6
  "Our Mother" 7
  Recognising the Mother as Divine 10
  The Mother and Sri Aurobindo 12
2 The Mother's Light 17
  The Mother's Light 18
3 The Mother's Presence 20
  The Mother's Presence 21
  The Constant Presence 23
  The Veiling of the Presence 24
  "She Is, Indeed, Always Present" 26
4 The Mother's Force 27
  What Is the Mother's Force? 28
  The Working of the Force 29
  Feeling the Force 31
  Assimilation of the force 32
  Pilling the Force 33
  Rely on the Mother's Force 33
5 Opening to the Mother 35
  The Central Secret 36
  What is Opening? 38
  Open to the Influence 40
6 Surrender To The Mother 42
  What Is Surrender? 43
  Surrender and Ego 45
  Surrender and Personal Effort 48
7 True Relation with the Mother 51
  The Psychic Relation 52
  Love and Devotion for the Mother 55
  The Mother's Love 61
8 Work for the Mother 64
  Sadhana through Work 65
  Offering and Aspiration in Work 69
  The Right Attitude in work 71
  Strength and Capacity in Work 74
  Work and Meditation 78
9 The Mother's Help 81
  Personal Capacity and Progress 82
  Discouragement, Despondency, Depression 84
  Obstacles, Errors, Falls 86
  Consent to Change 87
  Open and Call the Mother 89
10 Turn Only to the Mother 93
  Learn to Live Within 94
  Leave All to the Mother 96
11 The Mother, The Self and The Soul 98
  The Divine Mother 99
  The Mother and the Self 101
  The Mother and the Soul 104
12 Translations of Letters in Bengali 105
  Sadhana 106
  the Mother's Consciousness 107
  The Mother's Light 108
  Defects and Difficulties 110
  Relationship with the Mother 113
  Other Subjects:  
  Life-Sketch of Sri Aurobindo 117
  Life-Sketch of The Mother 119
  References To The Texts 121
  Glossary of Terms 127
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