The Mughal Court: Noor Jahan, Kohinoor, Dara Shukoh and Aurangazeb (3 in 1 Comic)

The Mughal Court: Noor Jahan, Kohinoor, Dara Shukoh and Aurangazeb (3 in 1 Comic)

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Item Code: NAF098
Author: Reena Ittyerah Puri
Publisher: Amar Chitra Katha
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788184826098
Pages: 98 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.5 inch x 7.0 inch
Weight 200 gm
About the Comic

She was left to die as a newborn by her family. But fate delivered her safely back into the hand of her parents who learned to treasure her. Thus began the journey of the highly gifted meherunnisa, dauther of a poor refugee who went on to become Noor Jahan powerful wife of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

Kohinoor is about the famed diamond that is said to have accelerated the downfall of all the men who come to possess it, starting with the Mughal emperor shah Jahan.

Opposites in every way Dara Shukoh and Auragzeb were the two prime contenders for the peacock. Throne after shah Jahan.

This amar Chitra Katha collection offers glimpse into the political intrigues and personal power play that were part of the Mughal court.

About the Stories

Noor Jahan
Born as a poor refugee Meher was blessed with both spirit and talent. She could ride horseback and design fine clothes. She could lead armies to victory and be a doting wife. She could attend to the problems of a vast empire and at the same time be blissfully happy making perfumes. Emperor Jahangir fell under spell and aptly name her Noor Jahan for she lit up his word with her love.

The journey of the famed Kohinoor diamond makes for a flamboyant tale. Discovered by a poor miner in the years 1655 this enigmatic jewel has travelled halfway across the world since then passing through the hand of the great Mughal the notorious Nadir Shah the martial Sikhs and many more rulers spilling blood each time it changed owners.

This Amar Chitra Katha traces the violent history of what of perhaps one of the most coveted objects in the world from the time it was mined in the Kollur field of Golconda until if finally became part of the British Crown Jewels.

Dara Shukoh and Aurangazeb
If he had born a commoner perhaps he would have lived and died a saint. But destiny had something else in store for Dara Shukoh. This gentle scholar and philosopher was born heir to the Mughal throne. Eldest son of the emperor shah Japan and empress Mumtaz Dara lacked the cunning tact and ruthlessness required in an heir to the peacock throne. And the one who had all three attributes was his younger brother Aurangazeb.

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