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The Muslim Law of Inheritance

The Muslim Law of Inheritance
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Item Code: NAJ587
Author: Al-Haj Mahomed Ullah
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Language: Arabic Text With English Translation
Edition: 1934
ISBN: 8171510051
Pages: 258
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 10.0 inch X 6.5 inch
weight of the book: 475 gms
About The Book

This work treats of the principles which govern the Inheritance of the deceased’s property among the Muslims of the Sunni Hanafi Sec. It contains the text and the translation of the renowned work on Muslim Law named the ‘Sirajiyyah’ with a commentary y the learned author, Al-Haj Mahomed Ullah. This translation and commentary is definitely far better than those by Sir William Jones, almaric Rumsey or by S.C. Sircar.

The Qur’anic verses and the traditions of the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him) relating to the subject, are also include.

It is an exhaustive work on the law of Inheritance and unique in exposition of law and the manner of its treatment.

It is a useful guide for the research scholars, the lawyers and the courts.



These few pages contain the principles of the Muslim Law of Inheritance. It comprises mainly the Sunni Hanafi Law and is based on the original Arabic authorities. The book contains the text and translation of the Sirajiyyah which was first translated, in 1792, by Sir William Jones and subsequently annoted by Rumsey, and also by S.C. Sircar; but for some reason I prefer to use my own translation with a commentary and I leave it to my readers to judge it on its own merits. The Quranic verses and the traditions of the Holy Prophet relating to eh Law of Inheritance are also included. I am greatly indebted to Dr. Zubaid Ahmad and also to Dr. Mahmud Ullah in assisting me in preparation of this work. I trust the work will meet with the approval of all those interested in the Muslim Law.




1 Historical Introduction i-viii
1 Iim-ul-Faraiz 1-7
2 The Twelve Sharers 8-15
3 The Residaries 16-25
4 Exelusion of Sharers 26-30
5 General Rules of Inheritance 30-33
6 The Doctrine of Increase and Return 33-40
7 The Distant Kindred 41-59
8 The Shia Law of Inheritance 60-68
9 Distrilution among heirs under Shia Law 69-81
10 The Doctrine of Increase and Return under Shia Law 81-84
11 Impediments to Succession 85-86
12 Miscellaneous Cases 87-94
2 The Seven Rules of Muslim Law of Inheritance 95-108
3 Al-Sirajiyyah 109-223
  On Impediments 112-114
I On the Rules of Distribution of Shares and Persons entitled to it 115-116
II On Women 117-123
III On Residensive 124-126
IV Exclusion 127-128
V Common Denominator of Fractions of Shares 129-133
VI Increase Law 134-135
  Numbers, Equal, multiple, etc. 135-137
VII Tashih, Process of Distribution 138-145
  The Rules of Distribution among heris and Creditors 146-150
  On Deduction 151-152
VIII The Doctrine of Return, Radd 153-158
IX Division Concerning the Bight of the True Grand-father 159-165
X On the Devolution of Vasted Inheritance 166-174
XI On Znvil Arham, Distant Kindred 175
  Section I The First Class 177-185
  Section II 186-188
  Section III The Second Class 189-190
  Section IV The Third Class 100-196
  Section V The Fourth Class 197-199
  Section VI Their Deseendants 200-205
  Section VII On Khunsa Hermaphrodite 205-209
  Section VIII On Pregenancy 210-217
  Section IX On a Mission Person 218-220
  Section X On Apostate 221-222
  Section XI Prisoner 222
  Section XII Persons, drowned, burned, buried 222-223
4 The Koranic verses relating to the Law of Inheritance 224-228
5 The Traditions of the Prophet relating to the Law of Inheritance 228-288

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