The Muslim Prayer Encyclopaedia (A Complete Guide to Prayers As Taught By The Prophet Muhammad)

The Muslim Prayer Encyclopaedia (A Complete Guide to Prayers As Taught By The Prophet Muhammad)

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Author: Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood
Publisher: Goodword Books
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788185063294
Pages: 321 (25 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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About the book

An indispensable guide to the content and practice of Muslim prayer, based on a comprehensive study of all the authentic Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad as presented in the collections of Bukhari, Abu Dawud and Muslim.

About the Author

Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood was Head of Religious Studies at various schools in England. She took her honours degree as a Christian theologian at Hull University, in 1963. After extensive travels in the Middle East, she embraced Islam. Among her twenty books on many aspects of religion she has written the much acclaimed Teach Yourself Islam and The Muslim Marriage Guide.


The aim of this work has been to present before the reader a comprehensive overview of the teachings about prayer, and the particular practice and recommendations of the Blessed Messenger of Allah ( ), as recorded in the authentic hadith collections of al-Bukhari, Muslim and Abu Dawud. It is beyond the scope of the average Muslim to buy and own the full text of these hadiths, and it is hoped, therefore, that this book will provide a useful tool for the Muslim student eager to understand Islamic prayer in its spirit and practice. Every quotation from the hadiths is given with its full reference, so that the scholar can refer back to the source if desired.

It covers every topic, including the basic outline to guide the beginner's performance of the rak 'ah, a selection of prayers and blessings for particular occasions, a guide to the correct behaviour in the mosque and the performance of congregational prayer, thoughts on the importance of the realisation of the Compassion and Mercy of Allah, the ministry of healing, and prayer for the deceased.

True to the spirit of the hadith collections themselves, it also includes interesting details of the Blessed Prophet's private prayers and what it was like for a child to spend a night in his company (recorded by his nephew Anas); it highlights the intimate love of the Blessed Mother of the Faithful, Aishah, the bet's beloved (may peace be upon both of them), and reveals her authority as a faithful witness to the Prophet's thoughts and practice. From the sublime to the mundane, it also picks out such fascinating matters as correct toilet procedure and the medical use of camel's urine!

May Allah be pleased with my humble efforts to work in his service?

'To Him we belong, and to Him is our return.'


The Way of Devotion15-52
Times and Places55-74
The Call to Prayer81
Ablution-The Wudu'87-118
Preparation for Prayer121-132
The Good Manners of Prayer (Concerning the performance of public prayers)137-162
Friday Mid-day Prayer181-187
Concerning the Imam213-223
Sunnah Prayers225-247
Healing Prayer255-272
Prayers for the Dead275-292
The Compassion of Allah295-311