The Mystic Philosophy of Sant Mat
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The Mystic Philosophy of Sant Mat

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Author: Peter Fripp
Publisher: Radha Soami Satsang Beas
Language: English
Edition: 1995
ISBN: 9788184662320
Pages: 184
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9 inch X 6 inch
Weight 320 gm

In this world of constant change, apparently accelerated in our time by unprecedented scientific and technological achievements, exaltation of man and his material progress is the outstanding theme. It is to our "supremacy" and ever increasing control over the forces of nature, to our standards of physical existence and social and cultural pursuits that we continue, more than ever, to devote all our thoughts and efforts. We see, and perhaps strive only to see and enjoy but one side of the picture, as it were-the picture of the phenomenal sensual world.

Great saints and masters of all ages have pointed to the other side of the picture-the reality not subject to change-and in their tender mercy, have offered those that would care to follow their lead to show the way in a positive and practical manner, which no mere reading of scriptures could equal. They have proclaimed the true supremacy of man as being the highest form of creation, having alone the capacity to make contact with his Creator, if he would, and solving the eternal mystery during his lifetime.

This book is about the philosophy of the Saints, about the inner path along which the soul must travel to reach its ultimate destiny, about the indispensability of a living Master and about the duties of a true disciple. It is meant only for the honest seeker, that is, one who is interested in pure spiritual uplift in the literal sense without any thought of physical and material benefits. Sant Mat is not a new religion; it is a philosophy which gives practical shape to the truth common to all contemporary religions.

Peter Fripp, the author of this book, whom I greatly respect and admire as a friend, has very ably presented all aspects of this philosophy for the guidance mainly of Western readers. I hope they will not fail to profit by it.




  Foreword ix
  Prologue xi
1 Listening to Inaudible Music: A Prelude 1
2 A Personal Journey 10
3 The Eternal Quest 23
4 Expanding Consciousness 30
5 Paradox and Jigsaw Puzzle 38
6 Victim and Culprit 44
7 Fate and Free Will 48
8 God Cannot Reveal Himself to the Contaminated Mind 52
9 God and Man's Relationship 60
10 Rubber-Stamped at Birth 64
11 Sant Mat History 68
12 Listening to the Creative Sound 77
13 Inner Experience -Reticence 83
14 Man Is the Top of Creation, but-? 88
15 End to Reincarnation 96
16 Spirit Enslaved by Mind 102
17 The Tenth Door 113
18 Diet and Karma 119
19 Inner Lights and Sounds 130
20 Passing the Delectable Islands 135
21 Saints Are Men of God 143
22 The Smiles of Tiny Children 148
23 The Soap of Poverty 152
24 The One God of Us All 157
25 Epilogue: The Story of the Rich Merchant 160
  Addresses for Information and Books 165
  Books on Spirituality 171
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