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Mystical Formulae Part- II Yantras

Item Code: IDJ611
Author: K.T. Shubhakaran
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9788170821700
Pages: 225
Other Details 9.50 X 7.50 inch
Weight 470 gm
With the blessings of LORD SHIVA the embodiment of OM, the root of existing and non-existing, I am presenting this humble book with the sole motive of reviving spiritualism.

First of all, I am thankful to all those readers who have appreciated my first book titled "Nakshatra Based Predictions including Remedial Measures - Part I" and my second book titled "Mystical Formulae - Part I -Mantras". I would not have ventured into this book but for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm expressed by the public on my two books mentioned above.

A doubt will arise in the mind of readers in regard to the utility and authenticity of Mantras and Yantras. This doubt is created out of ignorance. To disregard anything by labeling as "useless or rubbish or orthodox" without bringing into practical use is not the correct approach. Now the tendency is to prove everything scientifically i.e. no theory or formulae or invention is acceptable to the world unless it is proved scientifically.

I will narrate an interesting discussion taken place between two friends which I overheard when I was waiting for a bus. One friend mentioned that "now-a-days I am doing meditation and I have seen several supernatural beings during the course of meditation". His friend immediately shouted "what nonsense? you are waisting your valuable time". When the friend doing meditation went on arguing to establish the value of meditation, his friend asked him to prove it scientifically. He even made a bet of Rs.100 if it can be proved scientifically. Now the question is how to prove it scientifically? Experience vary from person to person. We all forget that the term" science" was in existence even before the Vedic period. The reason why I selected the point as Vedic period is because it is the pointer period which most of us are aware. The meaning of "Science" is "Shastra" and "Shastra" is the usually accepted synonym for any "System or Theory or Method" mainly due to the import of English Language. It would be better to rename the terms as "Old Science" and "Modern Science".

I have experienced lot of "VIBRATIONS" during the course of writing and drawing of the Yantras and Mantas. Modern scientific man will stamp my experience as a Psychic case. I once again reiterate that I have experienced and felt the presence of the "Almighty".

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