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Nadi Praveshika (A Handbook for Teachers & Students)

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Author: Ed: Vinay Aditya and Soumya Kumar
Language: English
Edition: 2021
ISBN: 9788193770474
Pages: 278
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About the Book
Nadi is considered the most enigmatic branch of Jyotisha. Nadi Jyotisha is full of cryptic principles and its clues are wrapped in layers of esoteric contemplation of the highest order.

Fortunately, Dr. B. V. Raman had the vision to draw the attention of scholars towards Nadi works and he wrote many articles in the magazine he edited. Inspired by him, Shri A. B. Shukla conceptualised a handbook on Nadi Jyotisha which explains the principles in line with tradition. He led from the front by constituting a team of researchers, whose every member has put his best foot forward, to communicate his knowledge and experience through words to bring out this book.

Nadi Praveshika offers an opportunity to the students of astrology to enter this vast ocean of ancient wisdom. It provides, for the first time, a glimpse into:

1. The meaning and history of Nadi

2. The rationale for significations of planets

3. The logic underlying the results of different yogas

4. The unique progression system of planets

5. Rarely used dashas like Bhrigu Pada Dasha system

6. Use of Navamsha and Ashtakavarga

7. How to read a chart based on Nadi parameters

8. Reading of Nadi through Nakshatras

Nadi Jyotisha is one of the oldest methods of predictions prevalent in India. While one approach is based on the ancient palm leaf manuscripts claimed to have been written by the great maharshis, the other approach is based on the techniques written by ancient scholars. In Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), the emphasis has been primarily to discover those techniques from the available literature and manuscripts.

Nadi Jyotisha is not only caught in a web of secrecy but unfortunately of deception too which has resulted in bringing a bad name to this ancient shastra. Nadi Jyotisha's lustre and brightness have been masked under its so-called esoteric and arcane nature. ICAS, in the true spirit of Dr. B. V. Raman wishes to break this conception. Nadi Praveshika is the first step in this direction. This book throws light on how the seemingly vague laws and principles of Nadi can be understood when one takes a holistic view of Indian philosophy. As I have debated many times, Jyotisha is a Vedanga, and all these branches of Vedas have to be understood in totality. If this simple fact is forgotten, our efforts will go in vain. It is in this spirit that the fundamental ideas of Nadi have been explained by various scholars in this book.

Nadi works are scattered, and most are still in the manuscript form. Yet today we have some printed material and some knowledge that has been handed over by word of mouth in the great guru-shishya parampara. We are trying to present the same in a systematic form. This book is our first attempt towards such a goal. It offers new insights and explains the rationale behind certain concepts.

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