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Naturopathy- A Cure to Cancer

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Author: Sadhna Dubey
Publisher: Aravali Books International Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 1997
ISBN: 8186880305
Pages: 211 (Throughout Color and B/w Illustrations)
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Book Description

About The Book

The finest expression of the power of life are found in nature. Amidst hostile conditions and varied zones of topography, the cross currents life come out the victoriously this has been the scenario since time immemorial.

The world is going back to nature because the artificial barriers created by man in any discipline can't withstand their own pressure.

Mother nature alone offers all the answers to us the need is for true seekers of solutions let us begin to believe in its power, the fruits will come on their own.

In this book, an attempt has been made to marshal all the various cures of nature by a young naturopath from india. This book will be of immense help to the millions who are suffering and fighting for their lives against cancer.

About the Author

Conventionally the wisdom of ancient ayurveda has been associated with the sages, the saints of india who developed and passed on this science from one generation to another, gifted man of vision and compassion.

Because of their vision and larger-than-life perspective on even the minutes of thins, naturopathy became a necessary base of this science.

In the ancient epic mahabharata only the chosen One the epitome of human capabilities was the Recipient of the message of "gita the eternal song Of wisdom and he was younger than most of the Renewed voices Thus, wisdom is not the monopoly of age along, it Seeks a vibrant mindset a dynamic seeker of Knowledge, who refused to accept any limitations Sadhna dubey perhaps the youngest naturopath in The country. Belongs to the select creed of people, Who know no barries, no limitations And that is why she has chosen the seemingly Incurable. The dreaded disease of cancer as the Subject of her specialisation.

Belonging to an illustratious family of saintly brahmins of northern india sadna dubey has investigated the secretes of naturopathy which have hidden in our ancient knowledge her whole family is seeded deeply in the aryan traditions of knowledge specially in the sciences of jyotish (astrology), ayurveda, and cosmsc gemology.

Sadhna's exposure to these disciplines has enabled her to develop greater insights into mysteries of life and its forces needless to say sadhna has used her conventional background of formal education as only have been used only as a stepping stone to comprehend the higher noble and difficult areas of ayurvedic and naturopathic learning.

Since the age of 12 years sadhna has observed the application of natural herbs by the most respected names in the field of naturopathy research analysis, and synthesis have been the basic elements of her learning observation is the laboratory is where sadhna's mind has developed keen insights into the solutions of naturopathy.

In the book sadhna has attempted to bring together the various courses, the disciplines of naturopathy as applied into the curing of cancer the book is full of documentary evidences of the effectiveness of these treatments.

This book is a knowledge bank for all those who believe in the healing power of nature it is probably one of its kind that encapsules widely distributed pieces of knowledge.


Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases of the modern world which people of all ages and both. sexes suffer from. According to one of the World Health Organizations Report one out of every ten people who die of serious diseases, is a Cancer patient Unfortunately inspite of world wide research. no definite cause and cure for Cancer has yet been found. Even worse is the fact that Cancer in its early stages cannot normally be detected. Even though it originates in a specific part of the body its effects are felt all over the body Modern medical science, through surgery and chemotherapy however continues to treat in only the part of the body in which to has been detected and not the whole body.

Naturopathy believes that despite the concentration of Cancer in a particular part of the body, its treatment must encompass the whole body because the disease originates and spread due to the presence and assimilation of high amount of toxins which contaminate the entire body. Therefore, the first step. towards the treatment of Cancer should be the purification of the whole body.

In the present book almost all the latest research on the etiology of Cancer has been taken into account. It discusses the Naturopathic treatment of Cancer, which comprises of (1) the elimination of toxins and (1) neutralization of Cancer cells.

Modern medical science has also not taken the psychological factors causing and aggravating Cancer into account From the study of thousands of Cancer patients, it has been observed which always generate toxins in the body. Therefore, Naturopathy first emphasises on the release of the psychological stresses generating toxins in the body, followed by the Panch Karma treatment, Yogic exercises, proper food and the Meditation Naturopathic treatment cleaness the body of its toxins and thereby providing immediate relief to the patient.

The treatment of Cancer through Naturopathy is not based on mere theoretical assumptions, but on its practical application In the section on the Naturopathic Perspective on Cancer, a few case studies have been cited in which the Naturopathy has proved very effective. Naturopathy primarily emphasises preventive medicine and points to a very simple and natural way of leading a healthy life Nature has given us life and best possible mechanismu to promote and preserve it. Naturopathy is like the lap of mother nature, which provides the best possible support, protection and relief to all persons who aspire for it. Whenever we neglect the laws of nature, we invite self-ruin.


Cancer is as old as humanity. Its reference is given in Sushrut Bagbhta and Charak Samhita as karia arbud Just like in modern medicine a sine causative factor for cancer has not been mentioned in Ayurveda Rather most of the factors responsible for cancer have been described The most important factor is life-style Following wrong routine (like going to bed late, washing up late, not eating on time, etc), bad eating habits, eating deeply fried food constantly, chemically preserved food and incompatible food over a long time could give rise to cancer of the digestive tract Tobacco is an important factor in causing lung cancer, cancer of throat, larynx and pharynx Polluted environment is also known to be causing cancer.

In modern times the incidence of cancer has gone up alarmingly. The fast pace of life, rapid industrialization creating pollution of the atmosphere excessive use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides and over-use of chemical preser vatives are the main causes.

Diagnosis of cancer in modern times has been quite satisfactory Treatment by surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc have been saving lives and giving patients a new lease and better quality of life.

But almost all faculties agree that improvement in the immune status is definitely required for success in management of cancer.

Naturopathy which has its roots in Ayurveda, the most ancient system of health care, is known for its knowledge and practical application to improve immunity in patients.

Dr Sadhna Dubey's book Naturopathy A Cure to Cancer has dealt with this subject in great detail All the modalities of naturopathy treatment and yoga and pranayama aim at one thing, ie, restoration of balance.

Modern science is now looking into the area of perfect balance, the unified field of all laws of nature, to be Samhita of Veda which is nothing but your own self-Pure Consciousness So the role of Yoga and Pranayama in experiencing this state of balance is undisputed, and its effectiveness in the management of cancer is immense.

Cancer is preventable. If cancer is detected early the prognosis is good Living a good life-style alone can keep cancer away by raising the immunity of the body Dr Dubey's book in this regard using Naturopathy is commendable and she has explored a new area of thrust in the management of cancer through Naturopathy I am sure many will benefit from this book.


The science of Naturopathy has existed from time immemorial Its origin dates back to the emergence of Homo sapiens on this planet when early man cured himself of all ailments by eating herbs and regulating his diet.

Through the ages, man has harnessed the forces of nature not only for the development of civilization, but also for keeping his mind and body healthy This worked wonderfully well as long as they were used in their pure, unadulterated states like, for example, fresh herbs, free flowing hot water springs, natural magnets, etc. But unfortunately, with the emergence of the artificially produced "drugs" of modern medicine, several of the infallible techniques of nature cure were thrown into the backwaters of history, only to be lost in mists of time.

Fortunately, over the last few years the wheel of medicine has turned a full circle and, once again interest in natural methods of healing has revised all over the globe because modern medicine is sometimes found to do more harm them good and is often unsuccessful in curing chronic ailments and skin diseases.

It is a true but little known fact that b Naturopathy can cure virtually every disease and ailment that afflicts mankind, Even the P so-called "terminal" illnesses can be cured by Naturopathy Of all the terminal illnesses that afflict mankind, cancer is one of the most fatal ones. This book is perhaps the first known attempt which describes the manner in which cancer can be both prevented and completely eradicated from the body by the genre healing processes of nature cure. It includes empirical research evidence as well as case studies of people who have completely recovered from the advanced stages of cancer by Naturopathic treatment.

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