Nija Ananda Bhodham: The Mystery of Human Life (With CD Inside)

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Author: Amarakavi Ramachandra
Publisher: Hayagreeva Publication, Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9789380404103
Pages: 862 (2 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
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The Upanishad era is now back into life as Jnana Drishti over physical life and its cosmic cycles on earth. This wonder book has timely emerged as an outcome of my deep quest in Yoga Drishti latent with Mahapurushas in ancient India. This solves the riddle around the recent Soviet discovery about a “Cosmic Double” around human life and all its phenomenon with nature.

This book holds its thesis as I ploughed on its dimensions for over a decade outliving Ether life and enlisting with the spiritual frame of supra mental. Few could be counted today over its inroad with dream or Thuriya, the abode of Swaroopa of human being.

The Secret of Tapas, my second book in this series is advanced version of this book in quality and spirit. Let the humanity bask in the beam of divine knowledge from these two titles.

Body is led to that strata of nature with all human beings during night. Yoga is to seek its vestige in day spirits, perforce in self-help. Man is thus over earthly life amidst hemispheres of kali yuga and Kritha yuga where marvels of nature are respectively disclosed and deciphered. It is cosmic intelligence vs. living presence in Ether grid.

The oracle heard in yoga in my Sadhana consists in getting deep into Vacant Look to forgo the physical presence on earth where the solar beams of cosmic conscience so far in its deadlock with speech isolate and cross into it as oracle. It is the Voice of Silence and embryo of sound as the creatrix of the universe.

This wonder book is an outobiography of my soul in its transit over the inroads of physical presence vs. cosmic intelligence in Brahma Nishta surpassing the spirits of any Upanishads and Bhagawad Gita which do not go beyond a survey with the cosmic map over the basic laws of nature. Amarkavi will be amply rewarded if humanity wakes up to the teory, atleast propounded in this great divine title.



Here is a work, which is extraordinary in several ways. Amarakavi's Nija Ananda Bhodham is a revealed scripture. The script is stated to have received and prepared under a compulsion of grace. The flow of ideas, no less than expression, seemed to be torrential, when it had once started. The writhing seems to have been utterly spontaneous, not merely automatic, for the compelling power of grace was also the illumining light of Divine wisdom, which dispelled all vestiges of ignorance and doubt in the mind of the author and fortified his soul against any kind of relapse. Hence, Amarakavi is prepared for any test that may be genuinely motivated, and would gladly offer material revealed and entrusted to him for such purposes of study and research as may be designed or intended for the propagation of spiritual light and promotion of spiritual learning. This is both a legitimate and welcome offer.

The world calls for all the effort at clarification and commertarial skill that earnest seekers may be able to summon and mobilize in their pursuit of the supreme in knowledge and perfection. In this respect, it shares the complexities and 'intricacies of the highest revelation, reflecting in itself and as it stands neither the formalities of conventional expression nor the rules of common diction. That, however, is not to say that it is riddled with inherent deficiencies or that it hides under it cloak of unconventionality a bogus voice of unauthentic experience. The Amarakavi's offer that he would bare his breast and expose his experience in its inner most recesses to any honest inquirer is proof enough of its genuineness. He would invite both those, who being eager fail to comprehend what has been written here and those, who claiming to grasp its meaning and essence, either wholly or in patches, reject or doubt its authenticity, to avail of his offer and be led out of darkness into light. He is confident of carrying conviction to the mind of the seeker by sharing with him the profundities of his own experience, if only there is preparedness for it.

The graph of life is turned topsy-turvy, says the author and adds that yoga seeks to set it erect and no more. Nature acts as a restrictive force and the aim of yoga is to by-pass nature and overcome the limitations imposed by it, so that a direct vision of truth is attained in the deepest form of unitive knowledge. The innate is hidden and it would reveal itself or open on its own in its equity with space when body gravity which is a phenomenon of nature is counteracted. The phenomenon of birth is characterized by the downward pull of nature's gravity. Sri Vidya counteracts it. That into which man is born is just clay, earth. It is a "Jada" inert principle. The hidden truth (Tattva) is made manifest by the power of grace. The author claims to have been the recipient of the grace, which gave him the gift of speech, that is articulate expression in a transcendental dimension. It is the glory of "Speech" or utterance at all levels that the book reflects and deals with in essence.




I Introduction By Sri Prabudas Patwari 9
II Foreword by Dr. V. V. Girl 11
III Review by C. R. Pattabhi Raman 13
IV Review by Prof. K. Seshadri 15
V Book Review by The Mail 1979 16
VI Book Review by Sunday Standard - 1979 17
VII A Word to the Reader by V. R.Vijayakumar 19
  The Readers Face A Super Work On Yoga  
1 The "Memorable Book" of the century 23
2 Yoga vs. Science 26
3 Bhagavath Gita and Nija Ananda Bhodham 28
4 A Sacred Call with The Indian Saints 33
5 Divinity even in human presence 41
6 Amarakavi Discovered Vacant Look 44
7 A Memoir of Amarakavi's Sadhana and Siddhi 51
8 An Sensational Discovery with Human Life 58
9 Amarakavi Tips on Sri Vidya 62
10 Brahma Bhava 64
11 Vedas in detail 67
12 Shaja Nishta or Jivan Mukthi Sadhana 70
13 Amarakavi revives spiritual Era 72
14 The sketch of human Life 75
15 The scheme of nature with Life 77
16 Super yoga and its claim with nature 81
17 The Pitutary and clairvoyant vision 83
18 The mystic cave Brahma Rundram 87
19 Meditation vs. Gyana Drishti 91
20 My appeal with the Central Government 95
21 A Note to all yoga institutes in the country 97
22 A call to universities in India and abroad 99
23 Cover picture of book in detail 102
  Section 1- Ego on its Disquiet But Determined  
24 Introduction by the author 107
25 About this book 114
26 100 Tamil Lyrics and its English version 130
27 Amarakavi speaks as God in human presence 135
28 Cosmos around speech 137
29 Amarkavi's Theory and Quest 140
  Section 2 - Ego on Test  
30 A holy request with resders 157
31 India's concept of Yoga and its thesis 163
32 Nija Ananda Bhodham (An Outline) 180
33 Salutations to Mula Ganapathy 194
  Section 3 - The Ego Survives The Test  
34 Author's review 204
35 Preface by author 211
36 Amarakavi's call to the Unesco for review 220
37 Body is miniature cosmos 237
38 The mystery of human breathing 239
39 The call to the aspirants 241
40 Spiritual mission tomorrow 248
41 The gospel of this book 256
42 What is speech beyond cosmic evolution 260
43 Nija Ananda Bhodham 262
44 The human life vs. nature 302
  Section 4 - An inquest over Aham (or I Consciousness)  
45 Pancha Bhuthas and Kundalini 305
46 Human is divine 309
47 Study vs. Self-realisation 312
48 Birth is infinite lost vs finite scale 342
49 Jivatma or Finite Existence 349
50 Celestial Voice 359
51 Yoga of the infinite 362
52 Seven planes of human consciousness 367
53 Thuriya or Cosmic Insight 369
54 Human is himself at birth 373
55 A white paper for Yoga as Super Science 377
56 Yoga vs. space research 402
  Section 5 - Ahankar Tatwa or Ego  
57 Cosmic evolutinThe study of Metaphysics 406
58 Cosmic evolution is nature's trap 448
59 Cosmic map around human life 452
60 The Spider and its web 454
  Section 6 - Readers on its Quiz (Brahma Vichara)  
61 Advaita in its gospel 467
62 Vedas and Upanishads 484
63 Your true physical 519
64 Swaroopa Lakshanam 523
65 The Imperial I or Aham 536
  Section 7 - Self-enquiry in Deep Recess with Thought  
66 Bhu-Chakra or spiritual awakening of Soul 542
67 Vishudhi Chakra 549
68 66.The tree of life with all Jagat 551
69 67.Ashtanga Yoga 554
70 68.The mystic semen 557
71 69.Moksha or liberation 583
  Section 8 - Awakened Spirits in Brahma Gyana  
72 Meditation as a way of life 569
73 The Mystic Kundalini 573
74 Shad Chakra Siddhi 577
75 A great hope with this book 583
  Section 9 - Ego Surpassed to Himself  
76 The three great Epics of India 586
77 Puranas and spiritual India 589
78 Agamas and Temple Architechture 591
79 Tantra in its faith 597
80 Study of India's cultural heritage 599
81 The spiriual East and India 609
82 The dawn of the new age 611
83 The coming Era 629
84 The Hindu tradition vs. modem outlook 631
85 The Human progrss on himself 643
  Section 10 - Swaroopa Traced Amidst Ekagram with Senses (Brahma Nishta)  
86 Yoga, Science and Man 694
87 The science of yoga 662
88 The only self reflects with all Jagat 665
89 The cosmic map around "Omkar" 668
90 Speech in its absolute (Mahat Tatwa) 671
91 Soma vattam - The spiritual glow 682
92 Faith of Amarakavi 685
93 The cosmic map around body life on earth 689
  Section 11 - Integral Yoga for Kaya Siddhi  
94 Amarakavi's theory on human evolution 694
95 Sampooran Kala or Gyana Drishti 710
96 Sri Vidya in Yoga Marga 712
97 The riddle of a Muktha 718
98 Sahasra Dhala Padmam 722
99 The philosopy of Kumbhakam 727
100 Amarakavi's super yoga 732
101 Maha Kundalini Siddhi 736
  Section 12 - The Secret Doctrine (Swaroopa Siddhi)  
102 The philosophy of Physical Life 740
103 The philosophy of Ether and its statute 757
104 The Physical life on earth - a testament 767
105 The sanctity of human voice 771
106 My explicit talk on Sri Vidya 775
107 Volte face of nature and respiration 777
108 Maha Purusha Yoga 780
109 The mystic phenomena of human life 784
110 My pet Amarakosam 789
111 Physical life and Swaroopa 795
112 Soma, Surya, and Agni Kalas 802
113 Gyana yoga and its theory 809
114 Amarakavi's farewell message 812
115 Sarvam Brahma Mayam 817
116 The secret of my life 823
117 Amarakavi explains Soviet discovery 829
118 Amarakavi's Yoga Nidra 836
119 What the world needs today 846
120 An areal view of the book 852

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