The Origin of The Aryan Cult (A Saga of Early India)

The Origin of The Aryan Cult (A Saga of Early India)

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Author: L.N. Renu
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788172764623
Pages: 450
Cover: Hardcover
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Weight 650 gm
About the Book

It has been said of the author of this book that he has laid a path in the jungle of Indian anthropology. He has also been called “Bhasha Setu Chakravartin”. Builder of a bridge between language a title that his magnificent chapter on the origin of Speech Justly merits.

This sociological study of Vedic mantras delineates a saga of our remote ancestors. A narrative of breathtaking dimensions, many may recognize it as another Indian epic.

The other theme origins. There was never an Aryan race, only an Aryan cult, says the author. The Devas learned to kindle fire and articulate AUM and were the first to be called Aryans. They conducted much important experiment. They left records of their activities. Some of these records relayed across the eras have trickled down to us, preserved in the Vedas.

The Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan has decided to publish this book in the hope that this will lead to a nationwide and dispassionate debate among scholars and students of Indian history and culture.


About the Author

Shri L.N. Renu (b. 1914) hails from Meerut. He was educated in Allahabad and Mumbai. He is a Member of the Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Vishveshvaranand Vaidik Research Institute, Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute and Asiatic Society of Mumbai. He is the author of Indian Ancestors of vedic Aryans and Vedic Records on Early Aryans published by the Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan. His findings in the present volume are based on Vedic Samhitas and Brahmanas, on the Puranas and Epics.




  Dedication v
  Acknowledgements vii
  Abbreviations ix
  Diacritical Marks xi
1 Vedic Records 1
2 The Origin of the Aryans 34
3 Experiments on Kindings Fire 103
4 The Origin of Speech 169
5 The Study of Nakshatras 288
6 Spread the Aryan Cult 331
7 Rshipatni Ahalya 393
  Single Letter Roots in Sanskit Appendix 401
  A.Mantras/Passages Quoted 402
  B.Their Rshis and Rshikas 410
  C.Their Devatas 413
  Bibliography 415
  Index 425

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