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Our Life's Goal is God's Realization

Our Life's Goal is God's Realization
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Item Code: NAR216
Author: Sunil S. Sachwani
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9781948230971
Pages: 230
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.3 kg
About the Book

Why are you wasting this valuable human existence like a blind man stumbling against obstructions here and there; why suffer from restlessness day and night persecuted by your sorrow? All the eight watches of the day and night you sigh for happiness; whether asleep or awake, all the while you go on fluttering in your error, but you have discovered happiness anywhere? Taking to be the source of happiness, whatever you seek to clasp to your bosom scorches you with the heat of sorrow. Wherever you may imagine happiness to lie, you strike against the rock of sorrow and get yourself bruised and your bones broken. In honour, fame, prosperity, authority over men, wife or husband and children - have you discovered happiness anywhere? In none of these you have found it. Everywhere you experience nothing but sorrow and suffering, nothing but fear and worry. Will happiness be found, then, if you retire altogether from association with these?

But where will you retire? Wherever you go, you will meet with the same experience. Therefore, it is not necessary to retire. What is necessary is to realize the truth that supreme happiness lies only in God, and that God is everywhere, every moment and in every respect complete by Himself. When you realize this truth, you will begin to see God in every place, in every moment of time and in all circumstances, whether favorable or unfavorable. Then alone you will realize Him, make yourself happy and contented for all time. You can do this. Being the very embodiment of Truth you possess in full the right to realize Truth. Truth is, in fact, your very Self.

About the Author

The author, Mr. Sunil Sachwani, was born in April 1964 and is a Mumbai resident; professionally, he is a banker. After banking hours, the author, in his free time, spends time in performing various duties such as household work and writing articles and books.

He writes articles for his bank's magazine called "Taarangan" which is published quarterly for the staff of the Bank of India. He was inspired by his father-in-law, who as a senior citizen, used to write books.

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