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Outlines of Hindu Metaphysics (An Old and Rare Book)

Outlines of Hindu Metaphysics (An Old and Rare Book)
Item Code: NAR597
Author: Manmath Nath Shastri
Publisher: Bharatiya Book Corporation
Language: English
Edition: 1976
Pages: 258
Other Details: 7.50 X 5.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.24 kg

N presenting the following pages before the public I have but a few words to say. While carrying on my studies in Hindu Philosophy, I felt they want of a handy volume in whick a beginner, or one who has not the time and opportunity of going through the numberless volumes in Sanskrit, dealing with this branch of Hindu literature, can find ready at hand a systematic exposition of the various important problems of Hindu Metaphysics. The absence of such a book, I believe, has stood in the way of popularizing the Hindu Philosophy both in this country and in the West.

It is undoubtedly very difficult for an ordinary student to grasp the true import of the various problems of existence, which the Hindu Rishis have sought to solve-in many learned treaties for the edification of their succeeding generations, inasmuch as these disquisitions are more or less of an abstruse nature and intended chiefly for advanced students of the Sanskrit language and literature. And then even in Sanskrit there is not a single book in which all important Meta, physical questions have been systematically treated in a regular order and sequence.

To remove this want, which at least I myself felt very much, I have gleaned these sheaf’s from my own field of labour with a view that, they may be of some use to general readers and students of Hindu Philosophy.

I have tried to explain the various important topics relating to Hindu Metaphysics in the light of the elucidation of those subjects by the Rishis. I have also attempted to make the expositions as much popular as I could, avoiding technicalities to the extent which is possible in the treatment of such abstruse topics.

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