Panchikaranam of Sri Sankaracarya (Text and the Varttika of Sri Sureshvaracharya

Panchikaranam of Sri Sankaracarya (Text and the Varttika of Sri Sureshvaracharya

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Author: Sri Sankaracarya
Language: with Word for Word Translation, English Rendering, Comments, and Glossary)
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 8175051086
Pages: 66
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Back of the book:

This is one of the small treatises of Shankaracharya. Explaining the composition of the Universe, the work goes on to establish the Advaitic standpoint. Brief and sublime, the work's importance can be understood from the fact that Sri Shankara's great disciple, Sureshvaracharya has written a varttika on it.



This English translation of the valuable treatise on Vedanta, Pancikaranam of Sri Sankaracarya with Varttika of Sri Suresvaracarya, was first published by the Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama, Vrindaban, in 1962. The book has been out of print for quite a while. At the request of the original publisher we are now publishing it in its present form.

We hope all lovers of Vedanta will welcome its republication.

Advaita Ashrama




September 29, 1971



It is a pleasure for us to place before the public Sri Sankara's "Pancikaranam" with Sri Suresvara's Varttika on it, both translated into English with suitable explanatory notes, wherever considered necessary.

Characterised by extreme brevity of expression on the one hand and marvellous sublimity of thought on the other, this work of Sri Sankara contains the quintessence of the Upanisads. Its subject-matter is the same as that of the Mandukya Upanisad, presenting as it does, the theoretical aspect of the One Reality and the practical way of realizing one's identity with It in Samadhi through the help of the time-honoured symbol, AUM.

The object of a varttika is three-fold, viz (1) to explain what has been said, (2) to mention what has been omitted, and (3) to point out what has been imperfectly stated in the original text. Sri Suresvara, famous for his monumental Varttikas on Sri Sankara's commentaries on the Brhadaranyaka and Taittiriya Upanisads, has written a Varttika on this small treatise, consisting of 64 slokas elucidating and amplifying the ideas contained in the original text.

This book is dedicated to the loving and revered memory of Srimat Swami Jagadanandaji Maharaj of the Ramakrishna Order, who passed away at the Ramakrishna Mission Sevasrama, Vrindaban, in December, 1951. Himself fully convinced of the standpoint of Sri Sankara's philosophy, he taught and preached almost to the last day of his life the message of Advaita. In fact, he used to recommend these two works of the great Teachers to beginners for the study of Vedanta. It is, therefore, a matter of no small satisfaction for us, that we have been able to dedicate this book to his sacred memory.

We hope that the translation, explanatory notes, the glossary of important terms and the Introduction will be of use to English-knowing people-spiritual aspirants, inclined to the path of Knowledge, as well as those who are interested in an intellectual understanding of this aspect of Indian Philosophy and sadhana.

Many have helped us in diverse ways in the publication of this book. We take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to all of them. We are especially grateful to Swami Hiranmayananda, Head of the Ramkrishna Mission Vidyapith at Deoghar and Purulia, for his nice Foreword and to Sri S. S. Raghavachar, M.A., of the Mysore University for having favoured us with a most valuable Introduction to the Pancikarana-Varttikam.





January 28, 1962.

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