Panditaraja Jagannatha - Makers of Indian Literature

Panditaraja Jagannatha - Makers of Indian Literature

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Item Code: IDE126
Author: P. Sri Ramachandrudu
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 1991
Pages: 94
Cover: Paperback
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From the Jacket

Panditaraja Jagannatha (1600 A.D.), a Sanskrit poet-critic and musician, and a court poet of the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan, is regarded as the last of the giants of Indian poetry and poetics. In him, all that is best, original and brilliant in the art and science of poetics is gathered and held in perfect equilibrium. But what is striking is that in Sanskrit, there is no instance where poetic genius and critical acumen have flourished and fructified in a more abundant measure than in the case of Panditaraja Jagannatha.

Though a follower of the Dhwani school of poetics he was bold enough to leave the beaten track carved by the ancient rhetoricians and expounded new principles of criticism.

His style is distinctive and charming, and an exquisite and harmonious blend of sound and sense. In depicting Sringara or love Jagannatha, never crosses the bounds of good taste.

His keen observation of the society, his insight into human psychology, and his capacity to laugh away the human weakness are fully revealed in his anyoktis.

It may honestly be claimed that in the world of Sanskrit poetics we shall not perhaps look upon his like again.


About the Author:

Prof. P. Ramachanrudu (b.1927) currently Professor of Sanskrit at Osmania University, Hyderabad, is a distinguished teacher, author, translator and critic and has several publications to his credit. Recipient of a number of prestigious awards, Prof. Ramachandruduhas been closely associated with a number of academic associations. In this monograph, Prof. Ramachandrudu has discussed the life and works of Panditaraja Jagannatha for the non-Sanskrit readers.




1. Life 7
2. Works 28
3. Jagannatha's Views on Literary Art 29
4. Gangalahari 43
5. Amritalahari 48
6. Karunalahari 49
7. Lakshmilahari 52
8. Sudhalahari 54
9. Bhaminivilasa 57
10. Asafavilasa 68
11. Pranabharanam (Jagadabharanam) 71
12. Shastraic Element in Panditaraja's Poetry 73
13. Chronological Order of Jagannatha's Works 75
14. Conclusion 71
  Appendix I Select Slokas 75
  Appendix II Roman Transliterations of Slokas cited in Text 83


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