Paninian Treatment of Sanskrit Indeclinables
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Paninian Treatment of Sanskrit Indeclinables

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Author: Dr. Subhas Chandra Tripthy
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788121702294
Pages: 222
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About the Book

The field of Sanskrit Indeclinable is still unexplored. Things have been told in a scattered way. In the Indo-European linguistic it forms a very interesting chapter. Paciini in his Astadhyay i has treated Sanskrit indeclinable in various ways. The present study does not claim to be exhaustive. An attempt has been made excellently by describing Sanskrit indeclinable according to their functions and tracing their attestations in Sanskrit literature.

This book entitled "Paninian Treatment of Sanskrit Indeclinable" is divided into five chapters. In the first chapter named Indeclinable and their divisions", Sanskrit indeclinable are sub-grouped under Svaradi, Nipata, and again under prepositions, adverbs, particles, conjunctions and interjections. In the second chapter Sanskrit Indeclinable are classified according to their grammatical functions. In the third chapter, Indeclinable are collected from a large number of literary sources and analyzed according to their various usages in literature. The study here is exemplary and further studies may be made in this light. The fourth chapter," Indeclinable and their Tabular Analysis", provides grammatical references, meanings etc. in an alphabetically arranged list.

This is a good attempt to help researches in this field for their future undertakings. The final chapter includes the summary of the work, essence of the study and its limitations. This work, no doubt, adds to the knowledge existing in scattered manner. This amply provides information of various nature. It is sure to inspire students and scholars alike.

About the Author

Dr. Subhas Chandra Tripathy, an erudite scholar and writer, has to his credit a number of publications in national journals and has a significant contribution to the field of Sanskrit language in general and Paninian grammar in particular. The recent book entitled 'Paninian Treatment of Sanskrit Indeclinable', focuses on Sanskrit Indeclinable with an indepth analysis from Paninian point of view. Dr. Tripathy, at present heads the department of Sanskrit of Nimapara College under Utkal University, Orissa.


Ancient India glorifies Sanskrit as a remarkable and widely acclaimed literature. Panini's contribution to Sanskrit grammar is unparalleled, unrivalled and unique on multiple grounds. From the morphological point of view Panini's Astadhyayi has been acknowledged as an exceptional, brilliant and superb work on grammatical study based on descriptive linguistic principles. A lot of deliberations have gone to Astadhyayi and its various implications. But much still remains unexplored about it. Here, in this small study, fresh light has been thrown on "Paninian Treatment of Sanskrit Indeclinable."

Grammar has been a subject of my first love since my school days. It is at the Post-Graduate and doctoral research level that I developed keen interest in the present study. No study can fathom the depth and range the dimension of Sanskrit grammar to perfection. I have made a sincere effort to treat the subject with precision and authenticity. In the great Sanskrit Lexicons, the approach has always been traditional. The present study does not claim to be exhaustive either. However, in this present study, more than two hundred indeclinable have been studied with their Paninian treatment. Taking into consideration of the use of Sanskrit Indeclinable, a rational and systematic approach has been made in the work in order to understand it in a more meaningful way while interpreting Sanskrit Literature and Grammar.

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