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Passage To Divinity (The Early Life of Swami Ramdas)

Passage To Divinity (The Early Life of Swami Ramdas)
Item Code: NAU015
Author: Chandrashekar
Publisher: Anand Ashram Foundation
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 1999
Pages: 168
Other Details: 7.00 X 5.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.18 kg
About The Author

Sri Chandrashekar B. Trikannad, the author of this biography covering the early life of Beloved Papa Swami Ramdas, had known the Master intimately being his sister's son and later having wed Beloved Papa's only daughter Ramabai. This association became closer still when Beloved Papa set up the Ashram in Kasaragod in 1928 and Chandrashekar and Ramabai (who also lived in the same town) became instrumental in collecting Beloved Papa's articles and sayings for publication in various magazines. Chandrashekar's home in Kasaragod, Sriram Bhuvan, became the scene of Pujya Mataji's intense Sadhana and it was here that she shared with others all that she had heard from Beloved Papa. It was also from here that Beloved Papa and Mataji moved on to Kanhangad in January 1931 and to the eventual setting up of Anandashram on 15th May 1931. Sri Chandrashekar's close association with Beloved Papa, Mataji and Anandashram continued even after he settled down in Bombay, with Beloved Papa making him instrumental in getting various Ashram publications printed in Bombay. Sri Chandrashekar passed away in 1974 at the age of 72, Ramabai having predeceased him by 22 years.


IT WOULD BE sheer euphemism to call this sketchy brochure a biography in any sense of the term; nor do I lay claim to any such high pretensions. However, I fondly trust that this humble work will prove to be a useful introduction to Swamiji's great autobiographical works, In Quest of God and In the Vision of God. If it should create an interest, in such of the readers as had not the privilege of coming into Swamiji's blessed contact, to know more about him, his mission and his message to the world, I shall feel highly flattered and amply recompensed.

In this edition an entire new chapter has been incorporated, namely, "The Early Life" in Beloved Papa's own words. This had originally appeared in the Ashram monthly, The Vision, in seven serial instalments in 1965-66. It deals "with the events, circumstances, influences and environments that awakened, nourished and accelerated the spiritual light and aspiration and, later, the progress towards, and the attainment of, the supreme goal of Self-realisation".

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