A Philosopher Looks Back (An Old and Rare Book)

A Philosopher Looks Back (An Old and Rare Book)

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Item Code: IDH198
Author: T.M.P. Mahadevan
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Edition: 1982
Pages: 206 (B & W Illus: 18)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 7.1" X 4.7"

The term 'Philosopher' in the title of the book is used in its etymological sense: ' Lover of wisdom'. Wisdom is the direct knowledge of the Truth. And, the Truth is the Self. Mahatma Gandhi has said that he had started defining God as Truth and then after deep contemplation he had to reverse the statement and say' Truth is God'. The reason he gave was that while there might be deniers of God there could not be deniers of Truth. Acarya Sankara in la well-known context in his Brahama-sutra-bhasya observes that no one can deny the Self because it is of the very nature of him who denies. It is as a seeker of he Self that I have all along attempted to shape my life. In this attempt I have been receiving abundant grace and guidance from sages and saints. The only aim of writing this story is to share my experiences in this regard with fellow-pilgrims to the Land of the Self. I shall feel my effort worth-while if it will help at least some aspirants in their quest for Truth.

I am grateful to Sri S. Ramakrishnan, Secretary, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, who without any hesitation accepted to publish this autobiography in the Bhavan's series.

1'I' Was Not Born1
2Induction into Spiritual Life6
3Primary Education11
4The Ramakrsna Mission Students' Home14
5Sri Ramana Maharshi29
6Collegiate Education38
7Research at the University42
8All-India Pilgrim Tour45
9Youth and Universal Religion50
10Pudukkottai Interlude54
11Pachaiyappa's College58
12The Sage of Kanci62
13Fifty Years of Philosophy78
14My Visit to the United States103
15Before and After136
16Two Organisations147
17Athens Meeting and After157
18Some Conferences and Conventions167
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