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Philosophical Papers of Professor J.N. Chubb

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Philosophical Papers of Professor J.N. Chubb

Philosophical Papers of Professor J.N. Chubb

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Item Code: IDF335
Author: Harsiddh M. Joshi
Publisher: Indain Council of Philosophical Research
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8185636729
Pages: 684
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.6" X 5.5"
weight of the book: 1.005 kg
From the Jacket:

Professor J.N. Chubb was a distinguished philosopher and a mystic. His long career as professor of Philosophy at the Elphinstone College, Bombay, coincided with an intense churning in Indian philosophical thinking as a result of the debate in West between idealist philosophy and logical positivism. This was also the time when spiritual philosophies of India began to assimilate critically the trends of logical analysis, phenomenology, existentialism, pragmatism and other philosophies of will and of evolution. Professor Chubb's papers which are collected here by professor H.M. Joshi in this book reflect this process of churning and assimilation.

Professor Chubb passed away on 21st May 2001 after a long and dedicated career during which he inspired and guided hundreds of students, and influenced a number of philosophers in India and elsewhere. In his writings, one finds not only originally and self-conscious criticism of a high order, but also indications on future lines on which philosophy and empiricism meet in his philosophical thought, and East and West, too, greet each other in a sweep towards a possible synthesis.

In the series of books on contemporary Indian philosophers which are being brought out by the ICPR, this book will introduce to the readers a distinguished philosopher whose contributions have been extremely valuable and will continue to stimulate fresh lines of philosophical thought.

About the Author:

Harsiddh M. Joshi (1934-2004) graduated from University of Bombay in 1955 and obtained his postgraduate degree from the Gujarat University in 1958. He was for many years Professor and Head, Philosophy Department in M.S. University, Baroda. He was UGC Research Fellow in S.P. University, Rajkot, from 1996 to 1999. He authored several books including Nature of Mind, Knowledge, Value and other Essays, Contemporary and Traditional Ethics, Bradley and Sri Aurobindo, etc. He also wrote some philosophical books in Gujarati and some of them are prescribed as text books in several Universities. Professor Joshi was a member of Indian Council of Philosophical Research from 1998 to 2005.

ICPR records with sadness the demise of professor H.M. Joshi on 30 November 2004 and regrets that the book could not be brought out in time for him to see it in print.

Foreword IX
Preface XV
1. Are There Sense-data? 3
2. Hume on Personal Identity 32
3. Empiricism, Rationalism and Metaphysics 47
4. The Laws of Thought and Reality 60
5. Kant's Doctrine of Synthetic A Prior Judgements 75
6. Kierkegaard's Existentialism and Sri Aurobindo's Integral Philosophy 82
7. Correspondence 94
8. Need for Reconstruction in Philosophy 101
9. The Problem of Truth 119
10. Does Indian Philosophy Need Re-Orientation? 130
11. Freedom 156
12. Freedom and Truth 164
Axiology and Metaphysics
13. The Concept of Philosophy 185
14. Metaphysics Note: Reality and Existence 199
15. The Logic of Infinite 216
16. The Potential To Be Realized 232
17. A Life-Story That is Philosophy 242
18. Sri Aurobindo - His Life and Teachings 249
19. Indian Philosophy and Social Concern 258
20. Sankara and Sri Aurobindo 266
21. Philosophical Arguments and Disagreement 285
22. Vedanta - A Reformulation and Criticism 335
23. Progress, Time and Eternity 368
24. Some Objections Against the Ontological Argument Considered 412
25. Can the Existence of God be Disproved? 419
26. Metaphysical Reasoning and the Ontological Argument 440
27. Above the Battle (an Essay in Metaphilosophy) 465
28. Can the Existence of God Be Proved? 485
29. Four Lessons of History 598
30. The Anatomy of War 603
Poems by Professor J.N. Chubb
1. You 613
2. Repose 613
3. Strong Passions Rule Me Still 614
4. My Country's History 614
5. Unless 615
6. I 615
7. Joy 616
8. Doubt 617
9. Blind Souls 617
10. To Krishnamurti 618
11. Yearning 619
12. The Fullness of Love 619
13. India and Greece 620
14. To J.S. 621
15. The Cruel Star 621
16. A Fairy Table 622
17. Chains 622
18. Delight 623
19. Pride 623
20. The Yogi 624
21. Liberation 625
22. Atman 625
23. The Lost Art 626
24. The Return 626
25. Indian Womanhood 627
26. Behold I Go Forth 628
27. Sorrow 628
28. To H 629
29. But With the Whole Mind 629
Index 631
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