Philosophy of Kaivalyadarshan
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Philosophy of Kaivalyadarshan

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Author: Kedar Nath Bandopadhyay and Krishnananda Giri
Publisher: Originals, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788184542035
Pages: 290
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About the Author

The translating Author is Metallurgical engineer from IIT, Mumbai, and has been in the international business for more than four decades. His involvement in the industry and business gave him a chance to serve as an Honorary Member of the Working Group on Mineral Exploration and Development for the X Plan, Planning Commission of India, participating in the process of policy making for the industry.

He has written a book on Indian economics, surveying the last sixty years of Union Budgets and government economic policies giving detailed statistics from the archives, starting from 1945. The book is titled ‘Indian Economic Growth - Myth or Reality’ and was released in June 2003 by the then Honourable Vice President of India, Bhairon Singh Shekhawat. The book has been widely appreciated and many of the suggestions in it have been taken up by the Planning Commission, which are reflected in today's reforms. He has, since then written his dissertation on the same subject and successfully defended his doctorate degree at the ISTEC University Management School, University of Lisbon, Portugal. Dr Bandopadhyay is professor emeritus with Shoolini University, Himachal Pradesh, engaged in the research on management and spiritualism.

Apart from lecturing on the subject and related management issues in various fora, Dr Bandopadhyay also runs a charitable family trust ‘ADOPT ' that has taken up the cause of bringing opportunities to the villages in Uttarakhand.

Dr. Bandopadhyay has been spiritually inclined since a very young age, being born in a religious family. Under the tutelage of Swami Shri Krishnanand Giri, the author was inducted into the study of secrets of Creation and Existence. He was given the task of translating the book Kaivalya Darshaner Darshanikta written by Shri Sadanand Giri Maharaj from Bengali to English found in a long forgotten archive. The translating author found the book to be the nectarine essence of spiritualism expounded in Darshan and Upanishad. The sutras have been correlated and checked with the original propounded by Swami Yukteswar Maharaj. This present book is the result of that effort.



I was looking for an answer. In my quest, I had knocked at, many a doors but the findings had remained wanting. perceived, all beings are endowed with three qualities (Tri-Gunas) and three miseries (Tri-Taps) from their inception to the moment of their annihilation or merging with the sublime. The Sata-Raj-Tama are three inseparable qualities present in different hues in a being, like the three base colours, red-green-blue which are present in every hue of a colour shade inseparable, but with definite presence. The three miseries similarly shroud the being in their own manifestation throughout the life. A being spends his life in pursuit of peace, tranquility and consequent bliss but mostly remains cob-webbed in the miseries created by the illusion of their own making.

All beings, (as I have) learn to recognize the bi-polar pull of the Sata on one side and Tama in the other direction and keep trying to find a balance and move towards the Sata. They also learn and accept the miseries connected with this material body and the miseries inflicted by the nature. But to understand and rise above the misery associated with social living, is one big illusion wrought with snake-ladder game syndrome.

I used to raise these questions often with Swami Krishnananda Ji, a friend from my college days, Swami as I address him, and tease him for an ‘encapsulated’ solution. He would always give a reply with a smile in his eyes. One morning, at breakfast he placed a photocopy of a thin booklet in Bengali and asked me if I could translate it in English. I picked it up and read the title ‘Kaivalya Darshaner Darsonikata’, a booklet of 60 odd pages and felt it was going to be a garden walk, to be completed in a few days. Hardly did I know what I was getting into. Next morning, Swami presented me with a book titled ‘The Holy Science’ by Swami Sri Yukteswar Maharaj ji in English and asked me to read it along with Raj Yoga by Swami Vivekananda before I take up the translation and then quietly suggested that I may also read the Patananjali Yoga Darshan and glance through, the other five darshanas of the well documented Saddadrashans. Now, I was apprehending that may be, Swami was entrusting a serious work to me. I yet did not realise that he was also prescribing the remedies to my quarries on miseries.

Curiosity led me and as I waded into the prescribed scriptures it dawned on me that I had not taken lessons to swim in this spiritual realm and had jumped into the deep end. To assuage my growing doubt in my capability to swim, Swami told me just one thing - ‘you will learn’. The readings which I had thought will take few days slowly expanded into months despite devoting hours each day. When I sent him the first few pages of Chapter One fora quick review and feed back to know if I was on the correct path, I wrote to him "Swami Ji Thanks, though the process is tedious I am enjoying it more than my experiences of the youthful days’.

From where I stand today, after thousands of hours of work over the last nearly two years, I can say I have experienced Peace-Tranquility-Bliss, the eternal quest, in the process of my endeavor. However, I am still in the snake ladder domain, perpetuity being still a mirage. I am sure readers will also experience and set themselves on the path to attaining perpetual Bliss. I can say, with disciplined reading - Tapa, reading with finding the answers to questions and doubts that arise on the way - Swadhyay and masticating — assimilating and realizing the concept through mental debate - Brahmanidhan, the progress becomes enjoyable as answers keep popping up automatically in the mind. Swami Sri Sadananda Maharaji has addressed this quest in four steps: Who is the seeker -Veda, what is that he is seeking-Abhista, how to seek-Sadhana and the ultimate reward, the Realization-Vibhuti

One does not have to renounce the world to attain bliss. Even a person leading a normal life can achieve eternal bliss that is rise above miseries. It is suggested that the reader goes through the initiating summary at the beginning of the book in part-I before stepping into the translation itself. [t will help him in his quest. The reward - the blessings that I have received, during addressing the responsibility entrusted into my hands by Swami Shri Krishnananda Ji, are scripted in the last pages. My whole attitude towards life today stands corrected leading me on the path to ever growing Joy in my heart and mind — the eternal bliss, the Kaivalya.

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