Practical Application of Nadi Techniques

Practical Application of Nadi Techniques

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Author: K.B. Gopal Krishnan
Publisher: Vani Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 8189221531
Pages: 112
Cover: Paperback
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About the Author

Shri K.B. Gopalakrishnan was born to Smt. Saraswathi and Shri Balasubramanian on 6th January, 1970 at Chennai. His native is a village in Koyam balli near Tiruchirapalli District. His father was a good palmist, though he gave it up all of a sudden after the age of 30 for some unknown reason.

Late Shri K. Balasubramanian worked for the textile department, government of Tamil Nadu and retired as an Assistant Director. He used to travel on work, his passion was to visit the local temples in the vicinity and he was very good in describing the paddhathi of those temples about which he gathered much information.

His last posting was at the Kanchipuram District. As he knew the history of the temples in and around Kanchipuram, he wanted to settle down in this temple town in his last days. He did take up residence for a very brief period but had to keep visiting his Chennai residence on and off for health check-ups.

After he retired he wished to take up voluntary service for the Kanchi Mutt under Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal but could not stay away from his family due to health reasons. In the year 2005 in August, he died of a massive heart attack in the lap of his son, K.B. Gopalakrishnan, who had just then returned from a tour of Singapore. His mother retired as matron in the Stanley Medical Hospital, Chennal in the year 1998. K.B. Gopalakrishnan, true to his birth asterism/ nakshatra is the jyestha suputra of his parents.

His maternal grandfather was an astrologer. The author comes from a devout Telugu Brahmin family hailing from Trichy in Tamil Nadu. His mother's side was the influencing factor in his taking up astrology as a profession. In his early years he was exposed to the family discussing astrology. His maternal uncles and their sons are all astrologers settled in Chennai. The influence for taking up these subjects was formed quite early in the life of the author.

His great grandmother was a much sought-after ayurvedic doctor and also a practising astrologer. People would send her a bullock cart to get their ailing family members treated. She was much respected.


My humble beginning in Nadi Astrology
This is a complete book on nadi though not the last word on it. There are some books in nadi but none have spoken so clearly and exhaustively as I have tried to do in this first book of mine. Some books are just compilation of shlokas or making a passing mention of one or two techniques. In this book a sincere attempt is made to present what is nadi all about in a very comprehensive and practical way so that these techniques can be applied by many astrologers in their daily practice.

I was fascinated by nadi astrology. The reason for that was at the age of 21, I had the good fortune to meet a nadi astrologer who gave stunning predictions, all of which have come true so far. Having met lot of nadi astrologers at a later point in time, I can say that none paralleled the first nadi reader's predictions for me.

He said I would become a trikala gnani and would become famous after 30 years of age. He mentioned about the exchange of Venus and Jupiter in my chart indicating my learning many subjects without any teachers. He was the most non-impressive of nadi readers I have ever met. In the sense he would be so restless that getting a full reading in one sitting was near impossible. He would get distracted even while reading a chart! Bur all his predictions came out 100% correct.

I could learn ayurveda, vastu, astrology, feng shui, healing, meditation.

This is what he told me:
''You will become master of six arts and become famous after age 30 and also get married at 28" (both of which came true).

I now practice astrology, ayurveda, tarot cards, numerology, feng shui and vastu as a professional. I can go to any of these conferences and with ease I can command respect from the professional audience.

He also said a lot about the future, which has come true one by one. 'You will become a teacher at a young age. Will become world famous".

I used to wonder whether all this will come true. With time each and every prediction started coming true.

I got a chance to speak on a slot on Jaya TV due to my friend, Karthik's recommendation. That programmed turned out to be so popular that people would contact me even for ordinary everyday problem solving.

Many people saw my programmed on Jaya TV beamed from Chennai and came to meet me. They were from different countries like Qatar, Srilanka etc.

I used to talk on any subject of my choice and nothing was edited out ultimately from the TV segment. The talk would run as it was shot with no cuts with the programme directors and editors giving me a free hand in doing the show my way.

I knew this nadi reader who predicted about my becoming master of six arts was correct after all. What really made me wonder about it all later was because I did not know even one art properly at age 21! I used to write articles in mundane astrology in's astrology columns with many of my predictions coming true.

Many Indians living abroad started visiting me from America. Some of them even told me whenever they visited India they made it a point to visit Chennai, only to meet me and no one else.

I no longer appear on Jaya TV nor do [write for but [do have a website in which I express my opinions freely without fear or favour. The reader can check this site: Anyway I have taken several nadi readings and met a man who taught me the rules of Ganapathy Nadi. Ihave also impressed nadi astrologers with my predictive skills!

I met a nadi astrologer who had Dhanus lagna and four planets in his seventh house of spouse. Using nadi techniques, I asked him whether he fell in love with a girl but left her and got married to his present wife. He was absolutely awestruck because it was true.

In this book I will proceed in the journey of revealing nadi techniques. I will share quite a few of these nadi astrology techniques without going into the details of how I got them. I feel one needs to understand how to use these techniques. I have not unravelled all the nadi techniques but only a part of them. I am sure there are many techniques remaining unexplored even as of now.


IAcknowledgement 5
IIAbout The Author7
IIIThe Need to Share these Favourite and Practical Techniques9
IVIntroduction and Dedication11
VSome Insights about Nadi Readings18
VIPreface 25
Part A
Chapter 1Bhrighu Nandi Nadi30
Chapter 2Basic Techniques with Illustrations33
Part B
Chapter 3My Understanding of the Principles of Nadi Techniques39
Chapter 4"35" Golden Rules to be Followed40
Chapter 5The Importance of Transits of the Slow-Moving Planets44
Chapter 6Transit of Saturn45
Chapter 7Transit of Jupiter49
Chapter 8Transit of Rahu and Ketu52
Chapter 9Planets and Quality of Events for all the Twelve Signs57
Chapter 1oTransit of Saturn over Natal Saturn59
Chapter 11Handy Table of Events based on Transit of Key Planets in the l 2 signs0
Chapter 12Handy Table of Key Transit Planets on Key Natal Planets.62
Part C
Chapter 1 3Transits and Exceptions to the General Rules64
Chapter 14Nadi and profession65
Chapter 15Fall In Career68
Chapter 16Dasha and Antar/Bhuktl71
Chapter 17Nadi and Karakas76
Part D
Chapter 18The TIming of Events in Nadi Astrology79
Chapter 19Amshas and Nadi88
Chapter 20The Editor's Note93
List of Books of Vani Publications110
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