The Pregnancy and Baby Care Book

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Author: Dr. Babalal N. Parikh & Mrs. Ushabahen B. Parikh
Publisher: Navneet Publication Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 9788124301425
Pages: 136 (41 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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When a woman learns that she has become pregnant she experiences a special kind of joy and a sense of fulfillment. At the same time there is a natural anxiety and apprehension about the forthcoming confinement.

The best remedy for this anxiety and apprehension is complete information about and understanding of pregnancy and delivery. Such knowledge and understanding may be acquired from a doctor a nurse, a midwife, or from standard books dealing with the subject in a way comprehensible to the uninitiated. It is necessary to cultivate understanding about what takes place during pregnancy and why as also about the measures to be taken in case of discomfort. A woman with such understanding would respond to various situations with insight as to the measures to be taken rather than with fright or futtle worry.

The diverse and often contradictory advice of the elders and well wishers the reports of the various associated discomforts and accounts of the ordeals undergone by others in a similar condition make the first pregnancy a frightening experience for a woman.

Reliable and authoritative information acquired beforehand would equip her to cope with the situation intelligently and competently and so overcome the needless fright.

It is with this aim in view that this book has been written. The first part is intended to impart a real understanding of pregnancy to the expectant mother her kinsfolk and friends and to instruct them in the appropriate measures to be taken. The second part provides detailed guidance about the care of the new born infant. We are therefore confident that this book will prove most useful to every woman who is about to enter into the blessed state of motherhood.


Part I
1Pregnancy : Signs and Afflictions 5
2Visiting the Obstetrician14
3Care of the Expectant Mother17
7Some Special tests38
8The Delivery42
9Unusual Deliveries 47
10Some Useful Suggestions54
11Some Misconceptions56
12Son Or daughter As we wish?59
13Test Tube Babies 63
Part II
1Care of the New Born Baby64
2Mother’s Milk. Baby’s ideal food68
3Supplementary Diet for the infant77
4The Development of the Infant80
5The Basic Needs of the Baby : Sleep, Play and exercise85
6Stages in the Development of the Child89
7The Daily Routine of the baby94
8Ailments of childhood 99
9Care of the Sick Child110
10Household Remedies for common diseases of Child113
11The Psychological Problems of the Child118
12Some Do’s and Don’t’s 122
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