Quest - The Vedic Answers (A Spiritual Guide for the Entire Family)
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Quest - The Vedic Answers (A Spiritual Guide for the Entire Family)

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Item Code: NAS670
Author: Madan Raheja
Publisher: Govindram Hasanand
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788170770688
Pages: 240
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About the Book

Man's quest for knowledge is from times immemorial. Mr. Madan Raheja's book provide answers to over 150 questions that often beleaguer even the most intelligent mind. Mr. Raheja calls the answers as 'Vedic Answers', because all his answers are based on °Vedas'. ,

The rationality of the answers given in the book gets further fortified by logical interpretations given by the great philosopher saint of the 19th century-Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati (1824-1883) in his monumental works like 'Satyarth Prakash' (Light of Truth), 'Rigvedadi Bhashya Bhumika' (An introduction to the Commentary on Vedas) etc. Where necessary, Shri Raheja has very nicely strengthened his answers by quoting appropriately from 'Upanishads', 'Smritis', 'Darshans' and other scientific literature available on ethics and physical sciences.

An intelligent reading of the book removes many cobweb in understanding the intricate problems of life and death, pleasures and pains, birth and re-birth, bondage and emancipation, etc. and corrects many mistaken notions about God, Soul and Matter. Mr. Raheja has been quite successful in elucidating and putting forth the Vedic theories and concepts, specially related to the theory of creation, worshiping of God, practice of yoga and philosophy of action in their true perspective. h

For the enlightenment of the self and God-realisation, the book undoubtedly serves as a valuable guide and can be considered as a must for one and all in every family and society.

About the Author

SHRI MADAN RAHEJA was born on 10th December 1941 in Sakkliar-Sindh (now in Pakistan). His Father Shri Kishindas Lalchand Raheja (1906-1995) and mother Smt. Kalawati Kishindas Raheja (1914-1984) were one of the well-known royal families of Sindh. His mother tongue is Sindhi. His school education was in Sindhi (Pharsi medium), and after completing college education in Jai Hind college (Bombay) he got his higher edbcation in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in Kota (Rajasthan). Being a mechanical engineer, his profession is dress designing. He is famous for his artistic designs in Bollywood film personalities. He also possesses good knowledge of Urdu, Hindi and Sanskrit languages.

Shri Madan Raheja is a jolly-natured person. Beguse of deep interest in religious matters, he Hp/tved his basic knowledge about "Dharma" whilst lis'tening various lectures of learned preachers of the Vedic Dharma as well as by deep study of the Vedic literatures. In a very short period of time, he started writing-interesting articles in "Nishkaam Parivartan" the monthly magazine of Arya Samaj Santacruz. The members of Arya Samaj and Pauranik people admire the style and language of his writings all over India.


The chief object of writing this book is to bring the correct interpretation of the Vedic Scriptures in vogue. It proves what is true and exposes what is false.

This book concludes with a synopsis of the important doctrines of the Vedic philosophy. The author has also divided the contents of this book in different titles according to its subjects, for the convenience of our readers to find out their Questions and answers of their interest.

The author has given the original text in Sanskrit and its translation in easy, understandable English. Hope that those who are anxious to be acquainted with the message of the Rishis who left treasures of the 'Divine Knowledge' for us will appreciate his efforts.

May the infinite God, who is all truth, all-intelligence, all blissful and the innermost spirit of all, out of His grace, give success and permanence to this object of mine. May God bless all and give courage to embrace truth and renounce untruth.

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