Quotations on Worldly Subjects from the Puranas

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Author: Prof. K.T. Pandurangi &Prof. K.T. Pandurangi
Language: (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)
Edition: 2008
Pages: 678
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description


There is a general impression that he Puranas give an account of mythical Origin of the Universe rituals to be performed in favor of deities and manes description of the deities particularly Visnu and Siva the genealogies of the sages and kings. In view of this there are considered more as theological than secular. However the secular topics like Rajadharma i.e. Political Science Vyavahara i.e. judical administratin sadacara i.e. guidelines for good life ethics Gandharvavidya Musicology, Ratnapariksa Gemmology Ayurveda Indian Medical Science are delineated in the Puranas.

This volume is intended to draw the attention of the readers of the Puranas to this aspect. There is also a graphic presentation of Bharatvarsa. The mountains rivers, different regions tribes and civilized communities residing in different parts of Bharatavarsa are described. This description of Bharatavarsa broadly agrees with the present day India. It is fascinating to know that there is a continuity of the languages the social life and culture of India. Attention of the readers is drawn to this aspect of the puranas.

We hope this volume will give a new perspective about the study of the Puranas and our reader will appreciate it.



Puranas are a kind of popular encyclopedia that contain mythology ancient Indian history, religion, culture, Vedic and non Vedic literature, Political Science, Judicial Administration, Architecture, Iconography, Ayurveda, Musicology, Gemmology. Poetics, detailed description of the Deities particularly Visnu and Siva. Thus all aspects of Hindu Culture are covered by the Puranas. The discourses on Puranas are arranged in temples all over India. Thus these are the means of mass education. Every Indian broadly knows the contents of the Puranas and the Messages of the puranas. This gives a moral foundation to the personality of an Indian.

There are eighteen Mahapuranas. The dates of these can not be fixed exactly. Scholars have arrived at tentative dates. The following table gives the Mahapranas and their approximate dates and the number of Slokas contained in them.


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