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The Qur’anic Cosmology (The Eternal Truth...)

The Qur’anic Cosmology (The Eternal Truth...)
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Author: Moid Siddiqui
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8171513441
Pages: 127
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 240 gms

About the Author


Moid Siddiqui has carried out a research study on 'Performance Management System' at International Resource Centre, UK and participated in the Global Convention organized by State of the World Forum at San Francisco, California in October, 1999 on the theme 'Envisioning and Creating a Sustainable Compassionate Society' - a step towards creating a culture of peace.


He has authored four management books, His articles were published in American Society for Training & Development's professional journal 'Training and Development'.


Moid Siddiqui is the recipient of several honours and awards including the All India Management Association's Best Management Book of 1996 for 'The Brave New Manager', The International Greenland society Gold Award and The Rajiv Gandhi Memorial National Award. He has also scripted and directed several management videos on productivity, organizational development and industrial relations. Door Darshan telecast his film 'Shraddhanjahali', on national network; Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India wrote a letter of appreciation to him.


Presently he is working as Professor in Centre for Organization Development sharing with others what he has learned as a corporate practitioner for the past three decades. He is a unique blend of a practitioner and educationist.




Ask a simple question to anyone: "Do you believe in God?" If the response is in affirmation, his or her belief in oneness of God stands established. How? Read the question carefully.


Even the 'atheists' dispute existence of God in singular and never in plural. The dispute that atheists raise is, "Whether there is a God or not?" and never, "Whether there are Gods or not?"


Every religion, at its deepness has the seat of onesess of God -you need to scratch a bit and discover. 'One and Only' is an established faith of most of the religions. This oness has now become the focal point of science; the 'string theory' or 'bootstrap theory' on which Stephan Hawking is currently working in this direction.


'Cosmos' is the creation of God, without any partnership. To understand His greatness one has to understand the vastness of Cosmos. Human vocabulary is incapable to describe the glory of God.


For this reason Lao Tzu -the old master (5th century BC) - says, "For lack of words I call Him great!"

I am not the student of Astronomy or Cosmology.


It was my urge to understand the kingdom of God that led to this path. In this endeavor I owe a lots to the great works of Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, Gary Zukav, Stephan Hawking, Fritj of Capra, Maurice Bucaille and lots many. The great works of Dr. Rafiq Zakaria, MaulanaAbul Kalam Azad and many other scholars find reflection in this work. I acknowledge my sincere thanks to all of them.


A last word -I have deliberately used 'American spelling' for giving 'Our'anic Cosmology' a corporate flavor.






Islam - as I understand!












About Moid Siddiqui



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