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Radha Soami Teachings - As Given in Soami Ji's Book Sar Bachan Poetry

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Author: Prof. Lekh Raj Puri
Publisher: Radha Soami Satsang Beas
Language: Hindi Text with English Translation and Explanation
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788184662757
Pages: 348
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description


In the introduction to the book Saar Bachan Chhand Band (Sar Bachan Poetry), it is stated that it contains a true record of the utterances of Radha Soami Ji Maharaj (affectionately known as Soami Ji, and referred to throughout this translation as Soami ji), so that it gives us his teachings in an unalloyed form. All the quotations given here have been taken from that book. Thus they are authentic and reliable.

Although Soami Ji has explained the method and philosophy of saints and given an account of the inner transcendent stages that they attain in a much clearer manner than perhaps any other saint, it appears that even then some of us have failed to grasp the fundamental points of his teachings. Hence this treatise, in which an attempt has been made to give the teachings of Soami Ji in a clear, precise and lucid manner, more or less in his own words. It has not been our intention to be completely exhaustive, but we have tried to cover all the main aspects of his real and fundamental teachings, and the quotations given here suffice to make out definitely and exactly all the points dealt with.

The quotations have been put in their original Hindi script with English translation, which (so far as possible) is literal. Of course, the meaning and import of the words of the Saint have not been impaired in any way, but if at any place a free rendering is given, the sense of the original has been scrupulously preserved.

Saints testimony to spiritual experiences in subtle transcendent planes is dependable, for they say what they see with their own inner eye. For their knowledge of their own soul, God, and all other subtle entities, they do not rely on books or transcendent vision, they behold Reality or God, and realize their oneness with Him. Therefore, laying aside our frail intellectual reasoning, we should accept the true testimony of saints.

o give up thou thine intellectual cleverness
And accept thou the word of the saint,
For saith he what he himself doth behold.
Why dost thou, on hearing him,
strain thine intellect in vain?
To derive full benefit from Radha Soami Teachings, the reader should study these pages with an unbiased and open mind and try to get at the meaning of the writer without deviating into any criticism of the manner of expression or the superficial niceties of language and style.

Readers might find some repetition in this book. We frankly plead guilty to this charge. However, most of this repetition is intentional, and we had recourse to it with a view to making the real teachings of this saint transparently clear and convincing.

Moreover, there is so much repetition in the writings of Soami Ji, as of all other saints (for they must give us their divine message again and again in different forms and ways), that any treatise on them must of necessity reflect the same trait to a considerable extent. But we shall not be sorry for this repetition if it helps the readers to grasp the fundamental points of his teachings. He says:

Again and again do I say, to make thee understand,
That the path of saints is the highest.
Again and again do I tell thee,
And try to make thee understand (my message),
For my feeling of sympathy for thee doth pain me.
Saints feel keenly for us and want to save us from the bond- age of Kal (the negative power) and karmas. Therefore they give us their message over and over again, and in various forms and ways they go on repeating it for our benefit. For our good alone do they do so. Hence no repetition of their message can be considered too much. Their message is so sublime and profitable to us that it can stand any number of repetitions.

Let us see for ourselves what the great saint, Soami Ji, tells and exhorts us to do, so that by following his teachings we may be able to achieve the real object of our human existence on this earth, namely to know the reality of our Self as well as of this world and of God, and finally merge in that Absolute Reality. Thus, by reaching our true home, Sat Lok Radha Soami Dham (the true or imperishable region and the abode of Radha Soami, the Lord of the soul), we may attain everlasting bliss, real transcendent knowledge and purest love. In this way we shall realize our inseparable union with our true Heavenly Father, Sat Nam Anami (the nameless true Lord) or Radha Soami (the Lord of the soul), the highest Absolute Lord.



Radha Soami Teachings was written by Professor Lekh Raj Puri, professor of philosophy at Punjab University, in the context of a debate during Great Master's time on the real meaning of Soami Ji Maharaj's teachings.

What is unique to this book is that it conveys a perspective of the teachings of the saints gained from the long hours Pro£ Puri spent at the feet of Great Master. In those days the sangat was small and disciples had close contact with and easy access to the Master. The Great Master welcomed seekers and debate, and spent many hours in small gatherings explaining Soami Ji's teachings and the inner esoteric path. This book reflects the understanding Prof Puri gained from the Master's satsangs and his responses to the doubts and queries of seekers and disciples about Soami Ji's teachings.

Prof Puri describes in some detail the esoteric elements of Soami Ji's teachings, and has clarified some commonly held confusions between the outer and inner paths and the requisites for a true Guru. In our fast-paced modern age it may be worthwhile for the seeker of spiritual truth to take the time to ponder the mystical underpinnings of Soami Ji's teachings set forth in this book.

This revision has been altered as little as possible, so as to retain Pro£ Puri's intent, style and idiom. Soami Ji's verses have been translated by Prof. Puri, and while the language may feel archaic to the modern reader, it will be appreciated that each writer brings his own style of expression to his work. Italics were used to emphasize important points that Prof Puri made. A glossary has been included to explain some of the Indian-language terms that Prof. Puri used.




  Preface xvii
  Foreword xviii
1 Mangalacharan - opening hymn in praise of Guru 3
2 Brief life sketch of Soami Ji  
  a.His association with the saint Tulsi Sahib of Hathras 6
  b.Soami Ji starts his teaching 7
3 Soami Ji, a true saint 7
  a. Shabd Yoga, his method 8
  b.Course of five Shabds 9
  c. Sach Khand, our true home 10
  d. The fourth realm (fourth plane) 11
  e. The Shabd of the veena in Sach Khand 12
  f.The message of Dayal (the Merciful Lord) 15
4 The Radha Soami path not a religion 16
  a. Soami Ji did not found a new religion 17
  b. Soami Ji's teachings explained from the Adi Granth 20
5 Why Soami Ji is called Radha Soami 20
  a. Three stages above Sat Lok 20
  b. Anami or Radha Soami is wonder and wonder 24
  c. Guru Gobind Singh also gave new names to God 26
1 The Name of God 29
  a. Varnatmak 29
  b. Dhunatmak 30
  c. Uses of the two kinds of names 32
  (1) Varnatmak name 32
  (2) Dhunatmak Name 33
  d. World misled by varnatmak names 33
2 Anahad Shabd is the true Name 35
  a. Shabd alone gives salvation 35
  b. Except Surat Shabd practice, all other effort is futile 38
  c. Without Shabd our life is useless 39
  d. Fortunate are those who practise Shabd 40
  e. Mind can be controlled only by Shabd 40
  f. Shabd brings real bliss 42
  g. Shabd is within the body 43
  h. Five forms of Shabd 44
3 Shabd is the ultimate essence of all reality 45
  a. Shabd is the Creator 45
  b. Shabd produces light 47
  c. Shabd fills all space 47
  d. Shabd is our friend 47
4 The name 'Radha Soami' 48
  a. The meaning of the name 'Radha Soami' 49
  (1) Radha Soami means Surat Shabd 51
  (2) Radha Soami also means God 53
  (3) Radha Soami means Guru as well 53
  b. Some statements (about this word) explained 56
  (1) Singing of the Radha Soami Name 56
  (2) The secret of the Radha Soami Name 60
  c. No sound of 'Radha Soami' in the Anami or Radha Soami stage 61
  (1) The dhunatmak Name is beyond all sounds of the world 61
  d. Kabir Sahib's quotation 64
  (1) Regarding ularna (turning over or turning round) 65
  (2) Regarding the words Dhara 67
  e. No doubt left 67
  f . Two kinds of varnatmak names 69
  (1) A zaati or inherent name 69
  (2) A sifaati or attributive name 70
  g. Similarly, Radha Soami is an attributive name of the Supreme Being 70
1 Need of Guru 75
2 Definition of Guru 76
  a. Guru gives us Anahad Shabd 76
  b. Guru takes us home rhrough five Shabds 80
  c. A true Guru mayor may not write any book 82
  d. Married and celibate saints 82
3 Living Guru essential 83
  a. Shabd transcendent 83
  b. Devotion has no meaning save that for a living Guru 84
  c. Samadhs (mausoleums) and relics of past saints 85
  d. True love 89
4 Devotion due to one's own Guru alone 90
  a. Devotion to God 90
  b. Guru equal to God 91
  c. Guru is the greatest of all beings 92
  d. To please one's Guru is to please God 96
  (1) Without devotion to Guru, our life is wasted 98
  (2) Without devotion to Guru, we cannot catch hold of Shabd 98
  (3) Devotion to Guru needed for all people of all castes and creeds 99
  e. Extreme and deep devotion 100
  f. Prayer and resignation (dua and raza) 103
5 Service of Guru 104
  a. Four kinds of service 105
  (1) Service with wealth 105
  (2) Service with body 106
  (3) Service with mind 106
  (4) Service with soul 107
6 Real being of Guru 108
7 Guru's mauj (will) 111
  a. Our effort and Guru's grace depend on mauj 112
8 The successor to a Guru 115
  a. The successor appointed by the mauj of Guru 115
  (1) The power of gurmukhs 117
  b. Dhara (Current) 118
  c. More than one Guru at the same time 122
  d. Interregnum Theory 124
  (1) How can a person be initiated if there is no Master to do this? 125
  (2) How is it judged whether a certain person is fit for initiation or not? 125
  (3) Devotion to Guru is essential for getting salvation 126
  (4) When there is no Master, whose form is to be contemplated? 127
  (5) During the so-called interregnum no connection can be established between the disciple and any Guru 127
  (6) Who is there to judge whether he is the right and true successor? 128
9 Guru's gift is absolute and eternal 128
  a. Guru's gift is the Name or Shabd 128
  b. The Radiant Form of the Guru 131
  c. No new Guru needed 133
1 Intellectual knowledge not reliable 139
  a. Intellectual knowledge changes 139
  (1) Modes of reasoning 139
  (2) Knowledge of Absolute Reality is beyond the intellect 139
  b. Intellectual knowledge not effective in action 140
  c. Intellect is not the faculty for getting knowledge of Reality 141
2 True knowledge comes through Shabd practice 142
  a. The shape of the soul 143
  b. Planes of consciousness 144
3 Love and devotion: the key to spiritual realization 145
  a. Intellectual knowledge is, in comparison, ignorance 146
  b. Anahad Shabd is the essence of love 149
  c. Knowledge of Reality: the fruit of devotion 152
  d. Devotion to Guru 152
  e. The mistake of modern Vedantists 154
4 The transcendent knowledge of saints is true 154
  a. Not imagination or delusion 155
  b. Nor blind faith 155
  (1) Intellect is a blind faculty 156
  c. Nor can it be conveyed to others by language 156
1 Creation from Anami (the nameless Supreme Being) to Sat Nam (the true Lord)  
  a. Anami is the origin of all 165
  b. Anami to Sat Nam, one being 169
2 Five regions of saints 173
  a. Fifth region, Sat Lok 173
  (1) Sahaj state of consciousness 176
  (2) Sahaj Yoga 176
  b. Fourth region 178
  c. Third region 180
  d. Second region 183
  e. First region 185
  (1) Jhanjari Deep 185
  (2) Shyam Kanj, black lotus or centre 185
  (3) Set Sunn 186
  £ Below the first region 188
  (1) Do-dal kamal, i.e. two-petalled lotus 189
  (2) Kanth chakra 189
  (3) Hriday chakra 189
  (4) Nabhi chakra 189
  (5) Indri chakra 189
  (6) Guda chakra 189
  g. Perfect Gurus start from the third eye 190
  h. Levels of consciousness 191
3 Kal (the negative power) and Dayal (the Merciful Lord) 192
  a. Dayal (the Merciful Lord) 193
  b. Kal (the lord of our universe) 194
  (1) The soul created by Sat Purush Radha Soami 195
  (2) This universe of ours is a big prison 195
  (3) Karma theory 196
  (4) Incarnations 197
  (5) Vedas and other revealed books 198
c. Dayal's advent into the world 203
  (1) Kal was created knowingly and deliberately by Sat Nam 206
  (2) Saints do not put us to any external forms of worship and prayer 207
  (3) Saints tell us of the beginning of all creation and of the final Creator 207
  (4) Saints teach us devotion to Guru and Shabd 209
  (5) Satguru is greater and more powerful than Kal 209
  (6) Most religions of today are of Kal 210
  (7) Shabd Yoga is the path to Dayal (the Merciful Lord) 211
4 Three sets of six stages each 213
5 Dissolution of the cosmos Kinds of Dissolution 215
a. (1) Great Dissolution (Maha Pralaya) 215
  (2) Ordinary Dissolution (Pralaya) 215
b. The dissolution of the individual 215
1 What is Radha Soami Mat? 223
a. The path of saints (Sant Mat) 223
  (1) Who is a saint? 223
  (2) Greatness of saints 225
  (3) The saints' path is the highest 226
  (4) Saints' grace 227
  (5) Saints teach us Shabd practice 229
  (6) The path of love and devotion 233
b. Radha Soami Mat is a school for spiritual enlightenment and realization of Reality 235
2 Three things needed in Sant Mat 240
a. Satsang 240
  (1) Internal satsang 240
  (2) External satsang 240
  (3) Gain from satsang 241
b. Satguru (true Master) 243
c. The Name or Shabd 245
3 The three steps of Shabd practice 247
a. Simran 247
  (1) Simran of five names 248
  (2) Concentration in the third eye 248
  (3) Flashes of lightning 249
b. Dhyan (contemplation) 250
  (1) Dhyan of Guru's form in the third eye 250
  (2) Cherish Guru's form in your heart 251
c. Bhajan 252
  (1) Irra, pingala and sushumna 253
  (2) Kal's temptations and his melody are on the left side 253
  (3) The final path lies in sushumna 256
  (4) Shabd is the true being of Guru 257
  (5) Shabd practice is the real method 259
  d. Concluding remarks 260
4 All within the human body 261
5 Saints in all ages 263
  a. All true saints are equal 264
  (1) How religions come into existence 264
  a dogmatic religion in some places 265
  b. Ans souls and bans souls; param saints, swatah saints and gurmukhs 265
  c. Nij ansi (own essence) 266
  d. Saints not in a blank or neutral state of mind 267
1 Human life precious 271
  a. Get hold of Shabd as soon as possible 271
  b. First find a true and perfect Satguru and give your devotion to him 272
  c. Without devotion to your Guru and the practice of Shabd, there is no salvation 275
  d. Humility and tolerance 275
2 In our effort (karni) Guru's grace ( mehar) is supreme 276
3 Contradictions in saints' writings 278
  a. Is God one or many? 278
  b. Shabd is the root of all reality 279
4 Teachings of saints for true seekers only 280
  a. Initiation by a true saint depends on grace 282
5 Ending 284
  a. Benti (Prayer to one's Master, closing hymn) 284
  b. Some apparent contradictions in this Benti explained 286
6 My last word to my Guru, my Radha Soami 291
  Glossary 295
  Notes on Saints 313
  Addresses for Information and Books 319
  Books on Spirituality 326


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