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Ramakrishna Kathamrita and Ramakrishna (Memories Of Ramakrishna)

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Author: Swami Abhedananda
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8188446335
Pages: 308 (2 Color Illustrations)
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About the Book

"The present upheaval of the spiritual tide, the waves of which traversing nearly half the world have touched the shores of America, was produced by the Christ like character and divine personality of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna - revered and Worshipped in India today as an ideal manifestation of the Divine glory.

"His life has given to the world a grand demonstration that even in this age Divinity can be reached and Divine perfection can be acquired by one, who is pure, chaste, simple and whose devotion is whole-hearted and whole-souled.

"We have neither seen nor heard of a character purer, simpler, more chaste, more truthful and more godly than that of this ideal Mahatman.

"His mission was to proclaim the eternal truth that God is one but has many aspects, and that the same one is worshipped by different nations under various names and forms, May the glory of Sri Ramakrishna be felt by all nations of the earth; may His divine power be manifested in the earnest and sincere souls of His devotes of all countries in all ages to come, is the prayer of his child and servant."


India has produced many great spiritual leaders who are recognized and worshipped as Saviours of mankind. The life and character of each of these were as wonderful, superhuman, and divine as were those of the illustrious Son of Man. Each has been like the embodiment of all divine attributes; each has been the giver of new life to the old spiritual truths, and the generator of that tidal wave of spirituality which has again and again inundated the religious world, surmounting the barriers of superstition and prejudice and carrying the stream of individual souls towards the Ocean of Divinity.

The present upheaval of the spiritual tide, the waves of which, traversing nearly half the world, have touched the shores of America, was produced by the Christ like character and divine personality of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna-revered and worshipped in India today as an ideal manifestation of the Divine glory. His life was so extraordinary and unparallel that within ten years after his departure from earth it aroused the admiration, wonder and reverence not only of all classes of people in his own country, but of many distinguished European scholars of the nineteenth century.

A short account of the life of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna appeared for the first time in the January number of the Imperial and Quarterly Review of 1896 under the title of A Modem Hindu Saint. It was an able article penned by Prof. C. H. Tawney, who was for many years the professor of Sanskrit in the Calcutta University and the distinguished Librarian of India House in London. This article excited the interest of many European scholars, among whom Professor Max Miiller showed his appreciation by publishing in the August number of the Nineteenth Century of 1896 a short sketch of this Hindu saint's life entitled A Real Mahatman. In this celebrated article, which was for some time the subject of most severe criticism both in England and India among many of the Christian missionaries and the Theosophists, the noted Professor showed the difference between the imaginary Mahatmans of the Theosophists and the real Mahatman or the great soul of India who had reached Godconsciousness and had manifested Divinity in all the actions of his daily life. He gave a brief account of the extraordinary life of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna, paying him the highest tribute of honour and respect that a Christian scholar could give to a divine manifestation in the so-called heathen land. Later, in 1898, he compiled and published Ramakrishna, His Life and Sayings, collecting more facts of his life and the sayings of this exemplary character perfumed with divine personality.

RAMAKRISHNA, A REAL MAHATMAN Professor Max Willer was deeply impressed by the originality of this great saint and real Mahatman, who was not brought up within the precincts of any university and who drew the water of his wisdom neither from any book nor Scripture nor from any ancient Prophet but directly from the eternal fountain-head of all knowledge and wisdom.

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