Ramana Maharshi's Essence of Self -Realization
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Ramana Maharshi's Essence of Self -Realization

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Author: David Frawley
Publisher: Vedic Wisdom Press
Language: Sanskrit Text With Transliteration and English Translation
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9781719899345
Pages: 120
Cover: Paperback
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Bhagavan Ramana Mahrashi (1878 -1950) was probably the most honored Self –relised guru and spiritual of modern India. He taught the Yoga of Knowledge (Jnana Yoga) and the Vedantic path of Advaita or Non –duality, leading us to our true nature as pure consiousness beyond body and mind, death and sorrow.

Though Ramna never left the sacred mountain ofArunachala in Tiruvannamalai, South India where he resided, numerious people came from throughtout the world to seek his guidance, which he usually gave through silence or through short replies to their questions.

Upadesha Saram, which means the "Essence of Instruction", is the often regarded as his most important written work –an axiomatic text of a mere thirty verses. It summarizes his teachings on the Essence of Self –realization, guiding the disciple along the path to the highest awareness in a systematic manner, pointing out a variety of practices.

The current translation and interpretation by Acharya Vamadesa Shastri David Frawley, one of the most highly regarded Vedic teachers in the world today, explains each verses clearly and succinetly to reveal the depth of Ramana's insight for everyone to learn and benefit from.



Bhagavan Ramana Maharashi (1878 -1950) is probably the most reowned and respected sags of modern India, the very embodiment of the highest spiritual wisdom. He experienced his full Self –realization when a youth of only sixteen years and maintained that transcendent state of awareness throughout his life. Ramana can easily be compared to the greatest spiritual masters of humanity, most who had to labor much longer and face many more difficulties before reaching their full realization. Such an exalted teacher is extremly rare over the centuries and should be honored as a light for all humanity. Ramana is one of the main gurus for the world as a whole for years to come, spreading the trasnformative message of Self –inquiry, Self –knowledge and Self –realization for all, wiht clarity, compassion and grace.

The Mahrashi mainly taught through silence and only answered questions at certain times of the day. Yet his was never any ordinary silence consisting of a mere absence of sound or lack of verbal communications. It was the profound inner silence and immutable stillness of the spiritual heart, reflecting an unwavering abidance in our true Self and Divine essence beyond all names, forms, words, and expressions. Ramana was fully present and guiding other from within, even when externally the appeared silent, with eyes closed. His presence remains accessible to devotees and disciples even today.

The highest reality of pure Consciousness transcends body, mind and world. It is not the content of any idea, imagination or concept. It can only be approached through direction awareness and unmediated seeing, which is its very nature; just as the pure light of awareness. We may be able to communicate it to some degree by putting it into words; but we risk distorting it. We may misinterpret a mere verbal comprehension as a true compreshension of this very subtle and formless teaching. Therefore, as we strive to understand the words of the teachings, we should never forget that the transcendent silence behind them is the eventual gaol.

The Maharashi did not read many books and composed few written teachings of his own during his life. His native language was Tamil but he did create a few short texts in Sanskrit as well. These were composed with the support of Kavyakantha Ganapati Muni, a great Yogi and Sanskrit scholar of the highest order in his right, and one of Ramana's earliest and most important disciples. The Maharashi's teachings placed in such Sanskrit verses are beautiful and poetic and yet reflect the highest truth and deepest insights with clarity and simplicity. They are gems of wisdom to be contemped upon throughout one's entire lifetime. His shorter works are like the new sutras of Self –realization for generations to come.




Content Page No
1. Introduction to The Teachings 1
Teachings of Bhagavan Ramana Maharashi and the tradition of Advaita Vedanta 2
My Connection to Bhagavan Ramana 6
Background of Upadesha Saram 11
II. Upadesa Saram:  
The Essence of Instruction 20
1. Preliminary Teachings 20
Recognizing the Law of Karma 20
The Necessity of Karma Yoga 26
Ritual, Mantra and Meditaion: The Three Foundation Practices 29
The Twofold Karma Yoga 32
Mantra Yoga 35
Concentration 39
Bhakti Yoga 42
Formless Devotion 45
Abidance in the Heart, the Essence of All the Yogas 47
2. Breath Control and Mind Control 52
Pranayama 52
Meditation on the Shakti behind Mind and Prana 56
Ways to Control the Mind 58
The Supreme Pratyahara: Going Beyond all Objectivity 63
3. The Direct Path of Self -Inquiry 68
Questioning the Mind 68
Self -Inquiry: Asking the Question "Who an I?" 72
Meditaion on the State of Deep Sleep 77
Discrimination Between the Seer and the Seen 80
Eternal Being as Pure Consciousness 85
Merging God and the Soul into the Supreme Self 88
Abidance in the Self 92
Beyond the Known and the Unknown 94
Bliss Absolute 98
Summary of Ramana's Teachings 100
Part IV. Application of the Teaching 106
Note on Translator/ Commentator 114
Sri Ramanasram Contact Informaton 115
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