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Reminiscences Of Kunju Swami

Reminiscences Of Kunju Swami
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Item Code: NAW711
Author: P. Ramaswami
Publisher: Sri Ramanasraman,Truvannamalai
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788182882584
Pages: 254
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.32 kg

Kunju Swamigal, the author of this book, is one among the early devotees of Bhagavan. Impelled by the good karmas earned from previous births, he began doing japa from tender boyhood and was endowed with such divine gifts as a vibhuti pouch, a rosary of rudraksha beads and the like by the Lord's grace. That grace qualified him for the grace of the Sadguru as well, which brought him to seek surrender in Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi in 1920.

From that day of his arrival at Bhagavan's sannidhi, the services he rendered to Bhagavan's physical existence, his life as a true ascetic and his pious nature that ever spoke of the one Absolute - these traits of his were what drew me to pen the foreword to his work.

After the mahanirvana of his grace-showering Father, what kept him going were those memories of the Divinity, memories which he has compiled into a text. No wonder their words shine, capturing Bhagavan’s presence in his multifarious facets, mirroring the Bliss of that Supreme Reality that is Bhagavan.

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