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Revelations of Christ

Revelations of Christ
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Author: Paramhansa Yogananda
Publisher: Ananda Sangha Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788189430191
Pages: 527
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About the Author

PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA was the first lndian yoga master to establish his life work in the West. Even before his birth, his mission was laid out by Babaji and Lahiri Mahasaya; Swami Sri Yukteswar prepared him for the rigours of introducing Kriya Yoga to the West.

Yoganandaji set out for America in 1920. He crisscrossed the United States on extensive lecture tours where thousands thronged to hear the young lndian master, filling the largest halls in America. He spent the rest of his life teaching, lecturing, and writing, and directing an expanding worldwide work from his base in California. He returned to India only once, in 1935, to visit his guru. His spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi has sold millions of copies; it is the best-selling spiritual autobiography of all time.

The great masters life and work have helped launch, and continue to inspire, a vibrant spiritual revolution. Hundreds of thousands of seekers around the world have considered themselves his disciples.


became a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda in 1948. NW His great guru guided and trained him for a life of editing, writing, and lecturing, and commissioned him to establish the teachings of Kriya Yoga worldwide. His autobiography The Path describes his years of discipleship with Yogananda until his guru’s mahasamadhi in 1952.

Kriyanandaji has given thousands of lectures in many countries, acquainting people with his gurus teachings. He has written 90 books and over 400 pieces of uplifting, spiritual music. in 1968 he started a cooperative spiritual community in Northern California that has expanded to eight communities around the world based on Yoganandas ideal for ?world brotherhood colonies," including in lndia. where he makes his permanent residence. He founded Ananda Sangha, a worldwide organization for the dissemination of Yoganandefs teachings.

Recently Kriyanandaji was appointed to membership in the prestigious Cluck of Budapest. joining such luminaries as the Dalai Lama.



o my many friends and spiritual companions around the world: Something truly wonderful has happened. There has been given to humanity a great gift. It is a spiritual treasure to cherish deep in the heart, and to pass on to children for generations. I am speaking of the extraordinary book, Revelations of Christ: Proclaimed by Paramhansa Yogananda, presented by his disciple, Swami Kriyananda.

For longer than any of us can remember, the words and teachings of the great Master, Jesus, have been guiding lives upon the earth. Yet those words and those teachings have in too many cases been interpreted and understood in ways that may have distorted, however inadvertently, their original meaning. Because the Messages of Jesus are so profoundly important, it is essential that they be embraced with only the deepest love for, and loyalty to, God and truth, not any institution or religious tradition. For spiritual truth lies outside of institutions and traditions and can only reside within the fullness of a human heart that is united with the soul in the purest yearning for the bliss of truly knowing the Divine. The sadness of some religious institutions and traditions is that, sincerely motivated though they surely are, often their own inner political maneuverings and mechanical workings stand in the way of simple, true, and uncompromised religious experience and spiritual knowledge. Now this remarkable and magnificent new book by Swami Kriyananda glides us gently past those maneuverings and workings, bringing us to the doorway of a deeper, richer embracing of Eternal Truth. In a text that is at once crystal clear and wonderfully insightful, we are invited to move through that doorway into a place of gloriously larger views of Jesus and God and of Life Itself than many of us have ever been blessed to behold.

My heart pounded with soft excitement as I turned each new page, and now it sings with praise and gratitude to Swami for this astonishing gift to the soul. I believe with all my being that these are the words of Jesus as they were meant to be relayed and understood. I am humbled to have been touched by this sacred energy. Without adequate words to express my thanks, I am ...



HOW is one to understand the life and teachings of the great master Jesus, whose title "the Christ" meant the "anointed of God"? Tradition offers us two approaches: one, the authority of the Church; the other, that of historical analysis, which Christian scholars lately have been applying to certain recently discovered texts.

There is another approach, less widely known but more reliable than any other: It is to study the writings and sayings of, or better still to live with and study under, saints who have communed directly, in deep states of ecstasy, with Christ and God. Such persons are true spiritual masters. They have lived in every country, and have belonged to every religion and every social level. They have taught the Truth from their own deep realization. When they've been free to speak out, their impact has been widespread and profound. Often, unfortunately, freedom of speech has been denied them; they've had to submit to the control of religious superiors, who considered their own authority a supreme right bestowed on them by God.

All true saints-those, in other words, who have reached the highest spiritual attainments-have endorsed the teachings of Jesus Christ either directly or indirectly, by stating the same truth similarly. Christian saints want to support their Church, and usually consider it their duty to sow seeds of harmony, not of dissension. There have been times in history, on the other hand, when a saint was divinely commissioned to correct one or more serious errors.

The difficulty saints have endured under church authority has been due-understandably, but at the same time unfortunately-to officials who were administrators but were rarely, if ever, themselves saints. Such authorities have insisted that their approval was needed before anyone particularly anyone of merit-could preach spiritual truth. The very fact of any Christians being also saints has been perceived, at least during their lifetimes, as a threat to institutional authority. For what the authorities want first of all to ascertain is whether some "saintly upstart" is preaching truth or heresy.

Saint Francis of Assisi, whose sanctity was certainly due to his own deep love for God and to his deep, inner communion with Him, has been acclaimed by the Catholic Church as a true son of the Church, which takes credit for his holiness and attributes it to the saint's humble obedience to Church authority.

Any saint in Christian history who ever spoke, or even hinted at, truths that weren't sanctioned by the Church was punished and, in many cases, excommunicated. An example of an excommunicate was Meister Eckhart in Germany, who (fortunately for him) died before notice of his punishment could reach him.

Saint Joseph of Cupertino, to whom even crowned heads in Europe came for inspiration and blessings, was orthodox in everything he said and did. He repeatedly, however, performed the miracle of levitation, an act which embarrassed his less-than-saintly superiors. After fifteen years of virtual incarceration in an apartment of the Basilica in Assisi, he was carted off in the dead of night-not once, but repeatedly whenever his whereabouts became publicly known-to a succession of small, distant monasteries. A Claretian monk of my acquaintance in Los Angeles, California, developed a reputation for bilocation (appearing in more than one place at a time). He was quietly transferred to a distant house of the same Order in Spain. Catholics themselves describe this practice of quiet removal as "sending one to prison."

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