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Revival (Vedic Alternatives For Youth)

Revival (Vedic Alternatives For Youth)
Item Code: NAR472
Author: Gaur Gopal Das
Publisher: Tulsi Books
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 139302181
Pages: 132
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This book has been compiled by Gaur Gopala Prabhu, from the lectures given by internationally acclaimed lifestyle counselors at the Prerana festivals, organized by Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha Mandir, ISKCON, Chowpatty. This specific collection of topics focuses on "Revival" of one's own identity.

The topics chosen are very timely, as they are meant to give alternatives to the Youth of India. Freedom means to have choice. Real intelligence, is the exercise of this freedom, to have a healthy and goal centered lifestyle instead of getting carried away by the trends in the society.

H. G. Gauranga Prabhu, initially lays the foundation by focusing on the necessity and urgency for accepting Krsna Consciousness in Youth and the exciting hunt for happiness and pleasure. It impels us to ponder on: Where to find the real pleasure? Is pleasure transient or can it be eternal? How do we know? and What are the conclusions? Further, H.H. Radhanatha Swami elaborates upon who is the greatest enemy and how to conquer it, through one of the most important aspects of one's life - True Love. H.H. Sacinandana Swami clarifies the identity crisis, which most of the youngsters go through and gives many practical tips to develop one's own personality in the true sense.

All the speakers have systematically presented___ the topics, giving appropriate examples, to -gilt forward the timeless wisdom of the centuries, in today's language and experiences. However, instead of the usual reheated stale dishes dished out by professional lecturers, we get the fresh breath of inspiration and thought provoking insight to human nature, and the urges it goes through, especially during the youth. Instead of dry theoretical philosophies, positive and heart fulfilling ideas are presented to help one take some concrete steps to shape one's own blissful life in full knowledge.

So, enjoy these wonderful and most relishable lectures, which will help you change your life for the best. Have a good time!


"You sow a thought, you reap an action.

You sow an action, you reap a habit.

You sow a habit, you reap a character.

You sow a character, you reap a destiny.

It all starts with a thought."

The leaders for the future are in the universities today. The direction, society is heading towards, depends entirely on the training of our youth. The modern educational system trains the young to deal, more with numbers and figures than with values and thoughts. Such an information oriented system leads to a hedonistic lifestyle based on selfish desires and motivations. It is such self-centered desires and cravings, which are shaping the destiny, not only of these individuals, but also of the social body at large. As Steven Muller, President, John Hopkins University, rightly says "Universities are turning out highly skilled barbarians because we don't provide a framework of values to young people, who more and more are searching for it.

" Based on the timeless wisdom of the ancient Vedic literatures, the International Society for Krsria Consciousness, trains modern youth in the right way of thinking and acting, thereby adding to their educational value. Prerana, the festival of inspiration and Joy, was designed by the youth preaching department at Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha Mandir, ISKCON, Chowpatty, to inspire the students from different colleges all over Mumbai to transform their actions and characters, based on the transformation of their thoughts. In order that this message reaches a larger audience, a need was felt to publish these monthly lectures in the form of a book.

The book series entitled "Vedic Alternatives" will be a series of books based on the lectures given by expert lifestyle counselors at various youth gatherings, like the Prerana festival. Aptly titled, this book series provides alternatives for lifestyle management based on the Vedic perspective.

The first in the series, "Revival" is a humble attempt, to share with the readers the first 6 lectures given at the Prerana Festival, which promote revival of our thoughts, actions, habits and characters, to ultimately mould our destiny and thereby the destiny of the society, in a constructive, useful way.

In the first three chapters of the book we find H.G. Gauranga Prabhu, explaining through hilarious stories and vivid examples the necessity to take to the process of revival in youth and the futility of running after material pleasure.

H. H. Radhanatha Swami Maharaja, in the next two chapters, steers our journey forward, by giving us his deep insights and realizations on how to conquer and curb the greatest enemy of lust and revive our original love for God. Replete with examples from the past and the present, the East and the West, the presentation made by His Holiness gives us a holistic idea of the subtle nuances of love and lust.

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